Make Your Own Jewelry With These 9 Helpful Tips

Do you love to wear unique necklaces and bracelets? Have you always wondered how to make your own jewelry?

Making your own jewelry is a productive hobby that can eliminate stress and improve your energy levels. Learning how to make bracelets and necklaces can also keep your brain sharp and improve your self-confidence.

You don’t need to be an expert to get skilled at designing cool pieces. In fact, with the right skills and practice, you could be creating beautiful earrings and elegant necklaces in no time.

Here’s what you need to know about making our own jewelry.

  1. Beads

Beads come in every material and size imaginable. Visiting a bead store or a specialty aisle in your craft store is a great way to pick up unique-looking pieces. You can also find options in your local box store’s craft section.

Beads can be made from metal, glass, or wood. Those created from semiprecious stones will cost a bit more, but you may find the result is worth it.

You can plan out your necklace or bracelet design by laying out your beads on a towel or design board.

  1. Crafting Materials

Designing your own jewelry will involve investing a little. You’ll need some quality beading wire in order to join two beads together or to turn one bead into a pendant. You also need to choose fasteners and jump rings.

You may want to choose a strong silk cord in order to string the beads for bracelets and necklaces. They can be part of the design of your jewelry, or work merely to hold beads together.

Tools such as pliers can help you open jump rings and crimp bead tips. Pliers can be used to make loops and wrap them around wires. In addition, cutters can be used for sipping your jewelry wire.

Your crafting materials should all look and feel easy to work with. Visit your local crafting store to get an idea of what you like and think you’ll need.

If you’re not sure what you’ll end up needing, ask to speak to an expert in jewelry-making. Talk to them, for example, about which kind of silk cord will work best with the types of beads you’re purchasing. Remember that you’ll want the investment of your time and money to be worth it, so it pays to take the time to choose your materials carefully.

  1. Find Your Inspiration

Maybe you want to create a piece that resembles a necklace or bracelet that’s not quite in your budget. Or maybe you want something unique to go with a new outfit.

Search online for pictures that resemble what you want to create. You’ll want to start with an idea of where you’re going so your creations won’t end up looking haphazard.

  1. Prepare Your Crafting Space

Your work as a jewelry maker will be short-lived if you’re space is messy. You’ll want to clear out a space that’s purpose is your creations.

Choose a well-lit area where materials can be carefully organized. You can pin up photos you’d like to borrow from. A towel or beadboard can help you map out your designs.

Be sure you’ve got your beads a safe distance away from toddlers or pets who might want to walk away with them. A desk, drawer, or table can be dedicated to keeping all the supplies for your hobby. If necessary, keep your beads locked up unless you’re using them.

  1. Take a Class

Many craft stores offer affordable, hands-on ways to perfect your skills. You can learn beginner basics, as well as more advanced skills that will make your jewelry more intricate.

For example, you could take a class on how to make your own bracelets or one on soldering or resin work. Beginner classes will likely focus on skills such as making wire loops or using jump rings. Classes also give you an opportunity to network with other jewelry-makers who may be able to expand your knowledge.

  1. Consider Looms

A jewelry loom can be used to help make the task less tedious. They allow you to string beads both horizontally and vertically in a grid. These can create wider sections that you’d be able to make with single strands.

If you’re wondering how to make your own necklace, you don’t need to stick with just one method. Looms offer a convenient way to hone your craft and make you more versatile.

  1. Join an Online Community

There are some excellent online communities where jewelry makers catch up with one another’s ideas. You can find other crafter blogs where there are helpful tips and step-by-step instructions on how to make your jewelry successful.

You’ll get inspired and encouraged by other jewelry-makers who need a little help getting started. And you can make some new friends along the way!

  1. Make Your Own Jewelry to Sell

If you’ve got some folks in your community interested in your pieces, it may be time to consider selling. Consider creating your own website to let others know what you’re making.

When setting your price, consider your time, material costs, and market price for similar items. With the right price point and the right buzz, you could have a thriving business in no time.

  1. Don’t Be Discouraged

There’s a learning curve involved in starting any new hobby or business. Making jewelry may seem confusing a first, but you’ll want to keep your chin up.

With the right instructions and a keen eye, you could be designing gorgeous jewelry in a short amount of time. And the world will begin to get out to those interested in purchasing!

Dazzling On

When you set out to make your own jewelry, you’re embarking on an exciting adventure of joy and creativity. The world of jewelry making allows you to bring beauty to yourself and others no matter when you start crafting.

Don’t stop getting smart about your business now. For more great advice, read our blog today.

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