Make That Class Ring Bling: How to Design a Class Ring You’ll Love Forever

Make That Class Ring Bling

What better way to honor your high school class than through your class ring? Class rings are a great way to memorialize these special years.

However, it’s hard to find a class ring that is timeless and that you’ll want to wear following your high school graduation.

To ensure you’ll love the ring forever, you should focus on making your design.

To help you figure out your options, this is everything you need to know about designing a class ring.

Benefits of Designing Your Ring

There are several reasons why you should design a class ring. For one, it’s often cheaper. When you go through companies outside of the company partnered with your school, you’ll get a more competitive price.

Second, you’ll also have a more comprehensive selection of styles and stones to choose from if you go outside the standard options.

Timing is also better when you design your class ring. You can shop online for whatever styles you like outside of the strict timeline designated by the companies at your school.

Plus, you can visualize your design when looking online. You can see how the class ring will look with different metal colors, stones, and engravings. Often, with standard companies, all you’ll see is a brochure.

Different Styles of Class Rings

There are a ton of different styles to choose from for class rings. You can go with contemporary, trendy, or classic. With the trendier styles, you can play around with the engravings and add symbols corresponding to your extracurriculars.

You can also adjust the font size to make your class number bigger or smaller.

Different Gem Stones for Class Rings

When designing your ring, there are usually 12 different class ring stones to choose from. Most of these stones correlate to the month you were born in.

However, there’s no reason you can’t choose another stone if you prefer.

You’ll also have the opportunity to choose your accent stones. Accent stones will depend on the main stone. Often, a designer will choose diamonds or other clear stones.

Finish for Class Rings

The last thing you’ll choose for your custom class ring is the finish. The finish refers to the color of the metal that the ring will have. You can select anything from a dark matte to shimmery gold and silver.

When thinking of a finish, consider a color you’ll want to wear often.

Now You Know How to Design Your Class Ring

These are all the main things to keep in mind when designing your class ring. By taking the time to customize your ring, you’ll be more proud and likely to wear it for years to come.

You can find a ring that perfectly matches your style and everyday wear. By finding the right design, you’ll have a ring that you can take anywhere.

Plus, you’ll get lots of compliments!

For more fun fashion ideas like this, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We have a ton of other awesome articles you’re sure to love!

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