Locked, a thriller web series should not watch alone

The web series are attracting more to the audience than movies these days. The Telugu audience turned to watching the web series higher after a couple of months. The situation created with the closure of theatres for 6 months due to Covid 19 lockdown. The circumstances favored OTT platforms to attract a high number of audience with the web series and exclusive movie releases. In this sense Aha videos came with exclusive Telugu content.

The Telugu audience moved ahead to Aha videos to watch pure Telugu web series. Aha videos brought many numbers of pure Telugu web series. The Telugu audience, who are addicted to watch TV serials also turned to watch web series, as the pure Telugu web series coming on Aha. Among the super hit web series on Aha, Locked remained the best one with different fresh content. Locked created with suspense thriller, which is never before story in Telugu web series. The web series was filmed by the director who should not watch alone. Let’s have a look at it now.


Expect how the situations become horrible while a bunch of strange people locked you in your own house and turned fatal for you. The web series Locked shows it with thrilling elements. The story is about a popular neurosurgeon Dr. Anand (Satyadev), who is doing special research on medical science, while doing his job as neurosurgeon has been locked by a bunch of strange people in his own house. How do the situations become horrible? Why did the people lock Dr. Anand? How does Dr. Anand overcome the situation? The questions have answers in the web series. Aha videos providing it exclusively with the best web series.

Artistes’ Performances:

Satyadev does a wonderful job to show variations in his role. He just thrilled the audience with his stunning performance. Senior character artist Srilakshmi played a vital role in Locked, which never before in her career. She justified the role with her best performance. In other lead roles, Inturi Vasu, Abhiram Varma, SamyuktaHornadu, etc played their roles well.


While talking about technicalities, we should firstly discuss the skills of director Pradeep Deva Kumar. He created the web series thrilled. Mainly the climax and pre climax scenes are about the skills of the director. He designed every episode with the thrill end. He remained Locked is the special one among the hit web series at Aha. The good cinematography is needed for the suspense thrillers. NajayGoutam fulfilled the need of excellent photography by elevating suspense thrilling scenes. The background music also sets too well for Locked.


The way the director designed the thriller, performance of Satyadev and other lead actors, cinematography and background music are the main highlights in Locked.

Cast and Crew:

Cast:Sathyadev, Srilakshmi, AbhiramVerma, Inturi Vasu, SamyuktaHornadu etc.

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Pradeep Deva Kumar

Director of Photography: NijayGautam

Music: Prashant Srinivas

Producers: KS Madhubala, H Shanmuga Raja

watch locked web series online

Bottom Line:

Get locked with this web series.. but note that, should not see it alone.

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