List of Must-Have Cricket Equipment In Your Kit Bag

Cricket matches require equipment to take your performance to the next level. But apart from batting and bowling, protective gear are also essential to keep you safe. All-in-all, the game of cricket needs equipment that can be used to play and stay safe.

But what are these equipment and why should you have them in your kit bag? Well, here is a list of must-have cricket equipment that you should fill your kit bags with.

  • Cricket Clothing

Players are required to don either Cricket jerseys or polo T-shirts in every match. It is an essential piece of clothing that wicks away your sweat and keeps you dry and airy. Depending on the weather, you can also wear long-sleeved cricket jerseys, vests, or woollen jumpers.

Also, cricket jerseys are easily customisable and can be worn during matches to represent your team. So, it is essential to buy cricket jerseys for your team that is easily identifiable during matches. Additionally, you can also consider purchasing long trousers and cricket caps to withstand the sun. As an alternative to cricket jerseys, you can also opt for hoodies and training tops.

  • Cricket Bat and Ball

Bats used in cricket are made up of flat wood and are connected to a conical handle to give perfect grip while playing. Bats do not have specific weight and length, but it should not be longer than 96.5 centimetres and must weigh between 1.2 and 1.4 kilograms. If you are looking for something worth investing, you can opt for English or Kashmir willow bats that are made from quality wood.

Balls are covered in leather that makes them very hard and easy to bounce on the pitch. The two most popular colours of cricket balls are red and white, that are used in Test and One-day matches respectively.

  • Cricket Protection

Cricket players are required to wear protective gear to ensure safety during matches. There are several cricket accessories and protective gears but batsmen and wicket keepers usually wear, abdomen guard, leg pads, helmets, eyewear, and cricket gloves. For added protection, you can also opt for chest guards, mouth guards, and arm guards.


  • Cricket Footwear

A pair of cricket boots or spikes are must in a cricketer’s kit bag. Spiked shoes are mostly preferred for their quality. The shoes improve your traction of the playing area and also avoids slipping over in wet conditions.

Although you feel that spikes are not necessary on the field, but they should be worn instead of regular sports shoes. The footwear ensures to protect your feet (especially toes) from the impact of a cricket ball and keeps you safe throughout the game. You can also be meticulous about your choice and tailor boots specifically for your feet.

Whether you are batsmen, bowler, or a wicketkeeper, all the above-mentioned cricket equipment are the must-haves in your kit bags. So, select the necessary equipment wisely for your upcoming matches and perform like a pro.

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