Lingerie Essentials To Carry in Your Summer Beach Bag

Beach season requires a special kind of preparation, because it’s the time when you are most likely to need to change quickly. If you’re wearing your swimsuit outside of the house, you also need to be prepared to change out of the wet garment into something fresh, not just back into your clothes. The question is, what do you pack with your towel and sunscreen?

Wireless Bralette

Bralettes are great as loungewear because they are comfortable and allow you to move freely, and that’s exactly what you want when you’re a little damp and changing into dry clothes. There’s no reason to show it off if you don’t want to, either. A comfortable strapless bra with no underwire should provide you with the same kind of flexibility when you’re wearing a top that would show the straps on a conventional wireless bra.

Bralettes and low-profile strapless bras are a great choice to wear in summer because they are typically designed to breathe freely while presenting minimal visibility through light summer clothing. When you’re already a little tired from a day in the sun, you need something that feels easy to wear as you head toward home, dinner, or an evening engagement.

Comfortable Panties

There’s no right style to choose when you’re looking for comfortable after-beach panties for women, the important part is to pick a cut that provides you with maximum comfort while traveling easy. Microfiber has become popular, especially when you are shopping for an extra change to carry in a beach bag or overnight tote. It stretches without putting a lot of pressure on the skin, resists wrinkling, and has an ultra-soft texture that makes it the most comfortable choice for a lot of people. 

When deciding on cut and color, consider the clothes you’re planning to wear after the beach and the activities you’re doing, to make sure you are ready for anything the evening throws at you. That way, you won’t accidentally match a dark set of underwear with shorts or sheer skirts that show off more than you want to.

Socks? Or Not?

The last consideration is a dry set of socks. Since it’s warm out, you’re probably going to want something low-profile and lightweight, like a simple ankle sock. If you’re wearing sandals or certain kinds of slip-on, though, you may not need to worry about foot coverage at all. If that’s the case, remember your feet whenever you reapply your sun protection. If you’re changing into sneakers or running shoes after the beach, clean socks are a better and more comfortable choice than slipping back into the ones you wore earlier.

Keep a Beach Bag Ready

The key to spontaneity is always being prepared for the invitation that might come. In the summer, that means having a beach bag ready to go when you leave the house. A convenient tote with a quick change of clothes, towel, wireless bras and sun protection makes it easy to say yes to a quick get together at the shore after work or a whim when you’re visiting friends. Put yours together today.

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