Lift Safety and Maintenance to Meet Your Needs


Whether you are about to install a lift or already have one, it’s important to think about your lift service provider. Not only will the lift service provider install and maintain your lift, but they will conduct inspections and modernize your lift when necessary. It’s important to choose your lift service provider carefully.

Choosing a Lift Service Provider

You need to choose your lift service provider carefully because you will be working with this provider regularly to maintain a lift and secure an annual permit to operate. For great service, you can choose to get lift maintenance services from Hin Chong. There are a few key factors that you should look for in any lift service provider, including Hin Chong.

The first factor to look for is a high degree of training and professionalism. A lift service provider will be undertaking regular inspections, so you want to choose a highly qualified inspector.

The next factor to look for is a wide variety of options both in the type of lifts that can be installed and how the lift service provider can modernize a lift. Try to find a service provider with experience customizing lifts to fit different design preferences, space constraints, and architectural styles. Look for a lift service provider that can not only install and maintain lifts but also equip them with new technology as lift technology evolves.

Lift Modernization

Why should your lift service provider be experienced in modernizing lifts? By installing the latest technology and safety features, modernizing lifts can save you time, money, and stress.

Modernizing a lift improves performance and user satisfaction. Modernization can also increase the lifespan of lifts. Modernization can lead to long term safety through fewer replacements and repairs.

But, most importantly, modernization can help a lift be safer. The latest safety technology can help your lift meet new safety regulations and be eligible to secure a permit to operate.

Understanding Permit-to-Operate

What is permit to operate? A permit to operate, also known as a PTO, is needed for any lift to operate in Singapore. The PTO must be displayed inside of the lift.

A PTO is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. If the PTO expires without being renewed, the lift will be temporarily taken out of service until a new PTO is obtained. If a lift is operated without a valid PTO, the operator risks a monetary fine or imprisonment.

Thankfully, it is easy to renew a PTO. The Building and Construction Authority will notify lift operators three months before their PTO is expected to expire.

First, the operator will receive a letter from the Building and Construction Authority, after which the operator must log into the online PTO portal and pay their renewal fee. An inspection will then be conducted by the Lift Service Provider. Once these stipulations are met, the Building and Construction Authority will be notified and the Authority will renew the PTO.

Lift maintenance is more than just installation and repairs. Lift maintenance is preserved by choosing a great lift service provider.


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