Let’s Talk Mezze: A Global Cuisine 

Mezze, or Mediterranean small plates, is having a big moment right now! From hummus to baba ghanoush, mezze cuisine has become a popular way to enjoy food right across the globe. But where does this type of cuisine come from? Let’s take a deep dive into the history and current popularity of mezze, from its ancient origins to this meze bar in Melbourne.

What is Mezze? 

Mezze is an array of small dishes that are served as appetisers or snacks in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. They can be both hot and cold, sweet and savoury, and often consist of different types of dips and spreads as well as salads, vegetables, meats, seafoods and cheeses. The key to mezze is that it should be shared with family and friends over conversation around the table – it’s social dining at its best! 

A Brief History 

The origin of mezze dates back centuries ago to ancient Greece and Rome. Over time, it spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, where it was embraced by Ottoman Turks who turned it into an art form. In some cultures, like Lebanon and Syria, mezze can still be found on special occasions such as weddings or other celebrations. Even in Israel today you will find “mezzah” (in Hebrew) served up at small cafes in between meals. 


Global Popularity Surge 

It’s no wonder why mezze has become so popular around the world in recent years – not only is it delicious, but it’s undeniably healthy for you too! With its light flavours, healthy ingredients like olive oil, herbs, spices, nuts and grains combined with proteins like legumes, seafoods and meats – there really isn’t a bad dish in the bunch! It’s also incredibly versatile; you can mix and match ingredients to create unique flavour combinations that will please everyone at your table. Plus, who doesn’t love sharing food?! 

Have you tried mezze yet?

Mezze has been around for centuries, but recently has seen a surge in popularity due to its versatility and delicious flavours. Whether you’re looking for something light to snack on before dinner or a full meal experience with friends and family; mezzes have something to offer everyone! So book a table at your local mezze restaurant or grab some pita bread and start dipping into all the mouth-watering flavours that this type of cuisine offers. Bon Appétit!

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