It’s About Time You Saw A Sex Therapist

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Sex is supposed to be the most natural, most intuitive part of a relationship, right? As long as you and your partner are in a loving, healthy union, you should be having great sex. Or shouldn’t you?

If there’s something getting in the way of lovemaking, it’s time to make a date with a sex therapist, like this sex therapist Philadelphia option. Not that you only need their services when things go south. Therapy can still prove handy even if your sex life is OK — read on to find out how.

You’ve Stopped Having Sex

It could be for all number of reasons; lack of time, disagreements, or just that you’re not prioritizing sex. For what it’s worth, you’re not in this situation alone. Researchers estimate that the “dead bedroom” affects about 15% of all long-term relationships at some point.

But how do you know that you’re in a sex-starved union? If you can’t remember the last time you got intimate, this would be a good time to see a therapist. They’ll help you get back on the horse before it’s too late — before you become so distanced that your relationship becomes completely asexual.

You Have Mismatched Sex Drives

Libido ebbs and flows. And while you and your SO (significant other) might previously have been on the same rhythm, you’re apt to go out of sync sooner or later. Again, this is a pretty normal scenario that can result from all manner of factors.

But that’s not to say your mismatched sex drives aren’t a problem. If one person feels pressured to have sex more often than they want, and the other feels neglected, friction is bound to follow. A sex therapist can help you strike the perfect compromise to get you out of the impasse.

You Have Problems With Orgasm

Oh, talk about an elephant in the room! Sex is supposed to be enjoyable as a whole. You know, as opposed to being a fun activity marred by a pitiful ending — a moment that both of you would rather not discuss.

When one party has trouble reaching orgasm, sex starts to become less pleasurable and more pressuring. The other party might start to feel that the bar has been raised, and this impression will obviously affect your love life as a whole. This problem is best resolved through therapy.

Your sex therapist will help you overcome whatever’s behind your orgasm woes; from anxiety and stress to the dreaded ‘coming-too-quickly’ on one party’s side. For that matter, therapy can provide solutions for any other performance issues you might be experiencing. Both of you will start to feel more relaxed and confident, and your sex will become more congenial.

You Want to Spice Up

Even if there’s nothing off about your relationship, sex therapy can still make a difference. Chances are that you have one or two fantasies that you’re too nervous to try out. Therapy can give you the confidence to go past your boundaries. Whether it’s toys or different positions, a therapist can help you and your partner inject a new dynamic into your sex life.

So, yeah; sex therapy isn’t only meant to resolve anomaly. It can be just as effective as a path to explore uncharted potential. And no matter how good your sex life is, you’ll agree that there’ll always be room for improvement; a little creativity to spice things up. Make a date with your therapist and start your journey towards more enjoyable, enchanting, and obviously more frequent lovemaking.

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