Is Underarm Waxing a Good Idea?

Wish to know the root cause of armpit odour? Most of your body surface is covered with eccrine glands, which secrete a thin sheen of sweat. But, as your armpits have more hair follicles, they have ample apocrine glands, which produce thicker sweat. The hair traps the sweat. 

Moist, hairy underarms then act like a Savannah for bacteria, which interact with sweat to create thioalcohol. It’s this breakdown product, not your sweat, which smells foul. So, getting rid of armpit hair can address the source of the smell. Here’s where a good waxing kit comes to the rescue. You can instantly get silky-smooth hair-free, odour-free underarms. Unlike hot wax, it doesn’t burn your skin and isn’t messy. Besides, you no longer need to worry about patches of hair peeking from your arm crevice, ruining the look of your off-shoulder or sleeveless top. Here are some reasons why you may consider underarm waxing as a good idea. 

Why Should You Wax Your Underarms?

  • It is fast and convenient: It takes only a couple of minutes to wax your armpits. You also do not need to waste time in salon appointments for a wax session. Getting late for a party and realise you have armpit hair? No need to worry. A waxing kit comes in handy at home, whenever and as often you wish to use it.
  • Allows precise hair removal: You can cut your wax strips to suit your underarm curves. You can also use each strip several times before disposing it. This helps you get the perfect hair removal.


  • Gives hair-free skin for a long time: Did you know that underarm waxing uproots armpit hair? This enhances your skin’s glow. Also, the hair is gone for more than four weeks. 



  • Post-wax hair regrowth is slower and finer: Waxing deadens unwanted hair follicles. If you wax your armpits more often, the hair takes longer to grow back and becomes softer and finer over time. So, you can say goodbye to post-shave itchy stubbles.


  • No risks of skin injuries: A waxing kit a day keeps nicks and cuts away. Your old razor may come with these unwelcome gifts. Waxing is much gentler on your soft underarm skin. 
  • Rids you of ingrown hairs: When you pull a wax strip with a steady hand, the skin gets pulled taut. So, the method effectively eliminates unwanted hair. Naturally, you get fewer ingrown hairs. 
  • Skin exfoliation is a bonus: With underarm waxing, you peel off the outer layer of your skin along with the wax. So, no more flaky, dead skin cells to eclipse your skin’s glow. Not only is your skin exfoliated, but its texture also improves. 


  • You may not be ready for laser hair removal: For laser hair treatment, you need to consider certain factors like skin tone, cost and pain tolerance. Moreover, the procedure usually doesn’t suit pregnant women. Therefore, bring on the wax. 

Choose the best waxing products for underarms that are friendly on your gentle skin, and you’re ready to throw your hair-free arms up with confidence!


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