Is it Okay for Parents to Help Kids in doing Assignments?

Most schools ensure that students go back home with assignments daily. Some schools permit parents to assist their children with homework, while others do not. Most parents take their time to assist their kids so that they can improve in school despite the constant asking “Can you help me with my homework?”. Tasks get hectic to many learners; some parents take it upon themselves to help their kids to finish their work fast and relax. Many experts are supporting the fact that parents are helping their kids because it has a positive impact.

 It shows kids that education is vital and makes them have positive behaviors when learning. The department of education is also in support because the role that parents play is vital. The media confuses parents because they do not support them in assisting their kids. They leave parents wondering if they are doing the right thing or not. There are so many negative headlines from the media that make parents lose hope about helping their kids.

Cause or Consequence?

Some surveys show that parents should not assist their children in any way. When parents do everything for their kids, there is no way they can get good scores in the class. The help makes them lazy so that they leave all the work to the parents and do nothing. Even though the survey disagrees with parents assisting their children, it does not mean that it is entirely harmful. When the kids are having problems in school, parents have to try as much as possible to step in and make things better.

 Parents should try as much as they can not to help their kids daily. My colleague and I wanted to know more about the case. You had to start by studying data from the federal government. We discovered that most of the students who perform poorly get frequent assistance from their parents. We went ahead to factor in students’ achievement and noticed parents helping their kids does not go hand in hand with low scores.

Other Considerations

The findings were somehow confusing to us. We discovered that the help students get from their parents is not the only problem that causes terrible scores; other characteristics’ come with it. We had to take our statistics starting from the number of kids to their behaviors while at school. Our findings were somehow positive because we noticed that learners’ who get frequent assistance from their guardians often benefit from that. There will be so much harm when parents stop helping their kids.

Most kids will be heartbroken, and that will make the situation worse. Not every parent has the time to assist his/her child every day; most of them are busy throughout the day. A few students get help daily depending on what their parents do. The study shows that parents with low income always take it upon themselves to frequently assist their kids with assignments. That is what we gathered in our research.

Quality Counts

The study was mostly about the frequent help students get. The quality of help kids get from their parents is also vital. Parents have the power to make their kids better, starting from their communication skills to the motivation they give them.

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