If You Love Zombies, Watch On AHA

When the coronavirus had affected the entire India in 2020, many people who were stranded in the lockdown in their houses were heavily dependent upon various means of entertainment. One of the best means of entertainment was watching movies online in a queue. Many people were also watching movies about deadly viruses and infections, and within this category comes the movies of zombies. In the zombie category, there are a lot of Hollywood and international films. However, there are only a handful of films made in India that are centred on zombies. So if you are willing to watch zombie movies in Telugu, you should go forward with watching Zombie Reddy on AHA, the best Telugu OTT platform for films, web series and talk shows.

The film Zombie Reddy was directed by Prashant Verma, who had also provided the story for the film. Raj ShekharVerma produced this film, and Tajuddin Syed provides the dialogues. Scriptsville provided the screenplay, and Mark K Robin provided peppy music. This film also featured some of the best actors like SajjaTeja as MarripalemObul Reddy alias Mario, Anandi as Sailaja/Nandini, Daksha Nagarkar as Maggie, RJ Hemant as Kalyan, Getup Srinu as Kasi Reddy, Hari Teja as Talambari, HarshaVardhan as Pratap Reddy, KireetiDamaraju as Bhadram, Vitta Mahesh as Masi Reddy, Vinay Varma as Bhuma Reddy, Naga Mahesh as Veera Reddy and many more. If you are intrigued by zombie films, you should watch this one on aha.

The film’s story revolves around Mario, who has developed one of the most downloaded gaming applications and his friends Kalyan, Bhadram and Maggie. However, in the higher levels, the game has some problems with its bugs, causing the game to crash. To fix this bug problem, you need the help of Kalyan, who is getting married in Kurnool. So Kalyan asks the entire team to visit him and get the game fixed and witness his marriage. Bhadram gets bitten by a strange older man at the start of a journey when they accidentally crush below the wheels. By overcoming many obstacles during their journey to Kurnool and to meet Kalyan, they finally find Bhuma Reddy’s house.

They also visit a temple where the priest tells a story about how the goddess Ganga had resided in the cave and how the pool fed by the Shiva lingam and natural spring is holy for the village. However, upon coming here, he finds the situation very suspicious, especially when he overhears some village people talking about how Kalyan will be sacrificed as a sacrificial goat by Veera Reddy. Mario wants to save his friend from the grips of Veera Reddy and starts his investigation. However, in the background, the story of the strange virus keeps running, and more people start getting infected by it.

The story is very intriguing, and in the end, Mario finds the ultimate cure for the virus from nature. You should watch the Zombie Reddy movie online on the best Telugu streaming platform aha.

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