How to throw a cigar party

When you are someone who loves havana cigars, then it is more than likely you will have a gaggle of friends who enjoy them too! As such, it’s only a good idea that you can have a cigar tasting party! This is complete with the likes of food, drinks and more than anything, smoking some lovely cigars. As such, here is our fantastic guide all about how to host the perfect cigar party! Read on.


Let’s not split hairs here, the reason you are here is to enjoy some cigars, so they are priority number one. You could buy a box of cigars for your guests to try. However, as this is a cigar tasting party, more than just one kind of cigar is required. You should encourage guests to bring along a box to contribute towards good times. This allows for a wide range of flavours as well as intensities to enjoy, explore and more. As soon as you know which cigars that you have available, then you can create a smoking schedule to make the most of it. Start with the mildest stick and end with the strongest stick! This ensures that you will be able to enjoy the full potential of each cigar.


It is no secret whatsoever that whisky can in many cases be very expensive. As such, don’t be afraid to ask friends to chip in, or ask them to bring a bottle themselves, or, if you have different drink preferences, then bringing your own booze can be a good idea. This is also really useful if half of you are happy drinking lesser alcohols, while those who want to pay for a better experience can splash the cash.


No party is complete without some fantastic food, even if it is a cigar laden occasion. Cigars playing the leading role means that the food should not take the forefront. It is best to avoid any overwhelming flavours, so that the real stars of the show, the cigars themselves are not overshadowed. This is not a food party, but a cigar party.

Setting up

You absolutely cannot smoke a cigar without first cutting it and then it. As such, you should make sure that you have the accessories needed on hand for people who have not brought their own along with them. It is time to show off your lighter collection! They should be placed around the room at designated smoking zones for easy access. You should ensure that there are enough ashtrays dotted about the room, as cigars can create a bit of a mess if they are left to burn. It might even be an idea to get some decent traditional lighting equipment. Trading in your laughter for the likes of cedar spills or indeed long cigar matches. When summer approaches, the weather will get better which means the luxury party can be hosted in the garden also.

Enjoy your party, and most importantly, enjoy the cigars!

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