How to Style a T-Shirt: A Guide for Women

T-shirts have become a cornerstone of most women’s wardrobes. They are cute and casual. They can even be dressed up with the right accessories.

You may have found your fashion inspiration, and now you want to know how to wear a t-shirt. Let us look at all the options on how to style a t-shirt like a goddess.

Combine It With Worn-Out Shorts

This outfit is one of our favorites for warmer weather because it is so easy to put together. Put on your favorite graphic t-shirt with your favorite pair of worn-out denim shorts.

It makes for an edgy, cool look you will want to wear again and again.

Pair It With a Pretty Skirt

Tuck a graphic t-shirt into a flowy, long-lined skirt. You’ll feel like living out all your beachy California dreams.

It is also fun to give a grungy t-shirt a more feminine vibe.

If you have not thought about this beautiful mix of girly yet rock n’ roll, know that it offers an easy way to step up your warm-weather style.

A Structured Blazer Complements a T-Shirt

A good answer on t-shirt fashion is to mix business and pleasure by putting a blazer over a graphic tee. This is a great way to give a slouchy tee some shape.

This outfit was made for you if you want a look that says, “I get things done but also know how to have fun.”

Wear It Under a Power Suit

Calling all women in charge! This combination of a graphic tee and a power suit is made for you.

Graphic tees look great with an oversized, all-black suit. They add a playful touch to an otherwise powerful look.

Or you can match this look with your own designed tee. Create a shirt design that is cute and lively, then compliment it with a power suit of your choice.

Rock It With a Denim Jacket

You can achieve a retro style by wearing a t-shirt under a denim jacket or over a jumpsuit made of denim. Because of this, you will receive some additional credit, which is certainly deserved on your part.

Wear It With Tailored Pants

Are you kidding me with this glamorous outfit I would never have thought to put together?

Put a graphic t-shirt inside a pair of tailored power pants for a chic look you probably had not thought of before. Match it with heels with pointed toes, a belt, stylish jewelry, and a red lip.

How to Style a T-Shirt for a Fabulous Look

A t-shirt can be worn in many ways. However, there are a few essential things to remember when first learning how to style a t-shirt.

Always think about how the t-shirt fits. Next, consider what you’ll wear with the t-shirt; t-shirts look great with blazers, skirts, and shorts. And don’t forget the extras. A bold necklace or pair of earrings helps a t-shirt outfit stand out.

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