How to save money when planning a wedding

Don’t you just love it when there’s an endless stream of food, alcohol, and happy people at a wedding? When everyone’s smiling, the DJ is playing all your favorite music and the love of your life is seated there by your side? This is always the expected mood for most weddings. 

Your wedding doesn’t have to cost much to turn outright. There are other ways to make your wedding day memorable without spending too much. These ways will help you save some more money, enough to give you the honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of. 

Diving straight into them…

  • Buy affordable wedding rings

It’s very possible to buy affordable wedding rings and still have the wedding you dream of because you’ll have saved some good money. This, however, should be done with the utmost consideration otherwise things can easily go south. Start by learning about your partners’ ring preferences before buying wedding rings. Ask them openly or pass by the jeweler’s windows and start discussing their ring options. In case your partner prefers an affordable ring you can get a set of those for yourselves. There are quite many affordable ring options to choose from i.e., buying second-hand rings, rings, and buying rings without stones. This way you’ll save money that could be directed elsewhere. Check out the wedding rings Dublin website for stunning affordable rings.

  • It’s okay to rent/borrow

Today you can rent almost everything you need for a wedding apart from cake and food. Cut down on costs by renting your wedding dress, suits for the groom, and jewelry. Most of these items come at discounted prices that are affordable. 

You can also consider wearing your mother or great-grandmother’s old wedding dress. It may not look as current but today they can be updated with just a few touches. For other items such as jewelry, signage, clutches, and shoes, reach out to a friend that got married and ask to borrow. If they kept everything intact, they will be as good as new on your big day.

  • Cut back on the guest list

If you’re to invite all your coworkers, friend’s relatives plus your families, you can expect the wedding budget to blow up. It’s true everyone means something to you but they don’t all have to come if you’re to save money. If you realize, it’s easier to plan for a shorter guest list compared to one of 400 people! Cut back on your list from 400 to 150 and you won’t believe how much money will be saved. Fewer people even make the wedding easier to manage more intimate and it will also be less overwhelming.

  • Hire a DJ over live musicians

It’s no hidden truth that live musicians make wedding ceremonies magical. It can make one feel as though they’re attending a concert. This two can still be achieved when you hire a DJ. With the right songs, they can achieve even more than what live musicians would deliver. Go for a DJ that offers all-inclusive packages that can cover you from the ceremony to a cocktail reception. They may provide an MC, lighting, music, and even a photo booth set up.

  • Pick a natural venue

Wedding venues such as the beach or industrial space often require very little décor. To save even more money have most of the decorations DIY-ed that way you won’t be required to pay a décor service provider a lot of money for flowers, lights, and other items. Also, keep everything minimal because too much means more money to spend.

  • Use the same space for everything

Often, it’s unnecessary to move from one venue to the reception and all. The same space that was used for the ceremony can work as a reception. Just make sure that everything is decorated to favor both venues. With the right music and celebrant, it’s easy to achieve what you want. You won’t have to worry about the costs of transporting everyone from one side to the other.

  • Choose venues with offers

Want to save big? Then look out for venues that have the “all-inclusive” aspect. The venues that offer all-inclusive packages usually provide extra amenities such as chairs, tents, cake, alcohol, decorations, accommodation among other things. Having all these offers saves you time, inconveniences, and a lot of money. It’s like everything is already done for you and all in one place!

  • Hire a wedding planner

Quite the contrary, a wedding planner will save you lots of cash. Without one, you probably don’t even know where to start, no wedding checklist to use and you just keep moving in circles. An experienced wedding planner knows the areas that need the most attention, what to get, and the best you can find, so it’s okay to trust someone else to have a part of your wedding planning. It will also save you a lot of stress and save you money that would have otherwise been wasted.

  • Choose casual bites

Choose to go family-style with a reasonable number of guests instead of a formal plated dinner. With family-style, the guests can serve themselves and forgo formal dinners where servers need to be there to assist. Order food from your favorite restaurant or even an entire food truck. This will save you a lot of money.

  • Four-tiered cake alternative

You don’t have to spend on a huge wedding cake that will probably remain. Play around by buying many cute cupcakes and place them on little trays. Order pies from the bakery to make a rustic dessert table. Your guests will have you to thank for these nice little cakes and they won’t cost much.

Last words….

The secret to saving money on your wedding lies in being unique. You don’t have to follow trends or do what everyone else is doing. Sure, their budget allows them to buy new wedding attire and even hire live musicians. If you want to have a great wedding and still save up money, try out the saving tips we’ve shared and you won’t regret it!

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