How to Make Your Home Feel Like You’re Traveling Even When You Can’t

Even when you find yourself having to stay at home, you can still make your house feel like an adventure! Decorating your home with reminders of your travels or cooking a new recipe can help you to feel like you are out enjoying the world, even when you find yourself unable to travel. Making your home reflect your passion for travel can also make you feel better about being on the couch—at least for a while.

Here are some ways you make your home feel more like you’re out seeing the world.


Have you brought back a number of souvenirs from your time abroad and they have been strewn around the house? It’s time to show them in their best light. Get out your British Isles map and place it on the wall or look into putting your postcards on your fridge. Pull out the blanket you got in Peru and throw it on your bed. These little reminders can take you back to the times you were on the road and can also make your home look way cooler than it did before

Pull out some wine or beer from your favorite locale

Having a drink from a certain area is the perfect way to relive memories and to develop a taste in something. Even if you can’t be in Argentina learning about wine culture, you can still learn a lot about it from home. There are a number of different wine and beer (and coffee and tea if you’re not into alcohol) subscription services that will bring them straight to your door so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Find a great TV show

There are so many amazing TV shows available on Netflix and Amazon Prime nowadays. With so much content, you can spend days on your couch feeling as though you are in a whole new world. You can also find shows that focus mostly on food, political issues, or traveling with friends. Whatever you are in the mood for, there’s no doubt a show that you can stream that can take you to another place and tach you something new.

Check out some books from the library

Reading is the best way to feel like you’re traveling when you can’t! No other medium allows you to feel, sense, and experience a place without having to leave your chair. The library can be the best way for you to find a number of titles about your chosen destination, and the best part is that you can read them for free. Use these books to plan your future trips or just to learn more about a certain culture.

In summary

Just because you can’t book a ticket to somewhere new doesn’t mean you can’t scratch that itch to travel. With these tips, you’ll be able to satiate your wanderlust and enjoy where you are a bit more—until you go ahead and head out on your next journey, that is!

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