How to Learn Rock Climbing?

You can broadly separate free climbing into two classifications, face and fracture climbing, although you will typically use combinations of both. Splits are the most evident lines of weakness on high cliffs, but the techniques to climb them are not as apparent as in face climbing. The climbing method comes down to linking standard foot, hand, and body positions right into a flowing, upward movement. The fundamental placements are conveniently detailed, but the limitless variety of permutations complicates the free-climbing experience. Each climb is a Rubik’s Cube with an infinite number of methods to be opened, which is why climbing up is so stunning, intriguing, and addicting.


Foot method is your most valuable and one of the most misconstrued devices. Whether you’re on an overhang or a low-angle slab, the suggestion is to keep your weight pressed onto your feet. Newbies tend to hug the rock and/or search too high for ideal holds, making it hard for them to see as well as use their feet. An upright, athletic, in-balance position overjoys. Keep in mind that your legs are stronger than your arms; take advantage of that. Practice your footwork and obtain utilized to lifting your weight with your reduced body.


Climbers have about as many words to explain shapes in the rock as well as how we hold them as ace-climber. The various placements we can twist our fingers and turn over numerous rock forms are astonishing. Effective climber uses their hands for security, not simply to carry them up a climb. Utilizing your bulging biceps to muscles with a complicated area is often inescapable, yet keep in mind that footless climbing is called “campusing,” as well as must be done just when required, which is unusual. Grip holds with a little bent arm, using your feet to press you up.

But remember, when you want to start climbing, you need to be in proper gears, such as the G-Climbing Short. So, use proper gears to avoid serious accidents.

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