How to keep Bathroom Renovations on a budget?

Remaining on your budget to bring the vision and dream of a client come true should be the top priority of bathroom renovators. Carrying out bathroom renovations Melbourne can be done easily even if the client is on a tight budget. You could find many smarter ways to focus on the work and finish the renovation project by sticking to the budget.  If you do bathroom renovations with professional help and ingenuity, it would make a lot of difference.

  Take a look at some of the ways by which you could get a bathroom renovation done when on a tight budget.

  • Don’t change the plumbing

Avoid making any changes to plumbing. The dollars would start to add up if you are doing a full bathroom renovation. Most of the time basic bathroom layout would not be the problem. If you maintain the existing plumbing and do not change the placement of any shower, vanity or toilet, you could achieve a more cost-effective makeover. Providing an uplift to the bathroom could make a huge impact without blowing your budget on unnecessary plumbing costs.

  • Repaint and Resurface – Don’t Re-tile

Tiles play a very important role in the bathroom. However, the cost of re-tiling an entire bathroom would eat up your budget if you opt for high-end options. A good way to avoid re-tiling the price tag is to repaint or resurface the tiles. Resurfacing could be a great option as you do not have to worry about the cost of renovation to make transformative change. If you resurface the tiles with a coat of enamel, it would provide a brand new appearance in a fuss-free way.

  • Use Whites to get an elite look

Here is a tip that would make the bathroom look amazing without spending a lot of money, make use of a lot of white. If you get the bathroom colours wrong, you might end up putting everything off balance. White could be an amazing colour that would add balance, brightness and space to the room without overpowering it.

  • Be careful of DIY projects – they cost more than you might plan initially

Thinking of doing a bit of renovation all by yourself? Doing it all by yourself might sometimes seem to be cheaper and it is true only in certain cases.  However, you should keep in mind that builders get called if DIY renovations go wrong and the entire task goes totally out of your budget, just to make it functional. In many cases, fixing the mistakes might be more expensive than hiring a professional.

  • Be careful when it comes to Low quotes and Cheap materials

It would be very tempting to choose the cheapest quote or material you could find for the bathroom makeover. However, you would get the services only for what you pay.  The lowest quote might seem like the perfect choice for you to help in saving money but some jobs would be left out to keep the costs down.    

Hence, the ideal thing to do would be to look for a professional bathroom renovator and hand over the task of making it look appealing and functional to the entire family.

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