How to Help a Loved One Transition Into a Senior Living Community

Every hour, 6,000 online searches relating to senior care are made in the United States. Chances are, an online search regarding the same topic brought you to this article.

It is normal for a loved one to have emotions about moving into senior living. Your job is to help them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Read our guide to learn how to help make the transition easier.

Talk to Them

It may seem like an obvious step to have an open dialogue with your loved one about senior living, but it is an important one. You should always include them in the conversion instead of deciding for them.

During this talk, you can discuss the specifics of going to a senior living facility such as the pros and cons, if any. For example, some communities will offer memory care and other specific services.

Don’t forget that listening to their concerns is just as important as including them in the conversion.

Find the Right Community

This is another thing you and your loved one should figure out together. After all, they are going to be the ones moving towards assisted living.

Because a senior living community is not a short-term solution, you should find the right one the first time around. Put the right amount of research and time into finding a community that will be a good fit.

Along with researching online, take your loved one to visit the community and talk to the staff. This is a good way to tell how clean and friendly the environment is.

The best senior living center won’t always have openings when you need them. Talk to your loved one in advance so that they won’t need to take the place with an immediate opening.

Pack the Necessities

If your loved one has to downsize when they move, helping them pack could ease their stress. It is important to make the independent living transition feel like home as much as possible.

Use family photographs, small furniture, and bedding that will make your loved one feel more comfortable. If there are windows, make sure to bring curtains. Add personal touches from the previous home to the new one.

Get Familiar With the Community

One of the best benefits of senior living is that your loved one can socialize with others in the community just like them. After getting settled into the new place, encourage your loved one to get to know the neighbors.

Even though they will make new friends in the senior living community, your loved one must see you as well. You can create a regular schedule to go see them, especially during the beginning transition phases.

Is Your Loved One Ready for Senior Living?

If you follow the steps in this guide, your loved one should be ready for senior living. To keep them positive about the process, let them know that you are going to be there during the transition.

Help them as much as you can by researching communities, helping them pack, and introducing them to others in senior care. For more articles like this, check out the other posts on our blog.

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