How to Have a Very Merry Tropical Christmas This Year

Every year, do you count down the days of the cold, dreary winter, ready to be on the other side where warmth and sunshine abound?

Are you also one for bucking traditions? 

If so, who says you have to settle for a snowy Christmas year after year, decade after decade? Why not enjoy something different in 2021—like a tropical Christmas?

You wouldn’t be the only one daydreaming of somewhere lush with greenery and sweltering sun. Twenty-three percent of Americans prefer vacationing in the wintertime as a way to avoid the bad weather.

The good news is you don’t have to travel internationally to have yourself a not-so-white Christmas. Using the ideas listed below, here’s how you can have your very owntropical Christmas.

Your family will thank you.

Fill the House With Tropical Flowers, Christmas Tree Be Darned

Poinsettias and mums aren’t the only flowers to last through the winter.

Why not bring some brightness into your holiday with some Hawaiian flowers? After all, that’s one of the first locations you think of when you imagine a tropical US destination, right?

As far as Christmas gifts to yourself go, there’s nothing better than a curated bouquet of red and green anthurium, crane flowers, and plumeria. Put some in a vase as your centerpiece, on the fireplace mantle, or make a wreath for your front door.

Skip Home Alone in Favor of Something Less Obvious

If you or your family is anything like the many others out there, you enjoy lounging in front of the TV on Christmas in your PJs with something like hot chocolate or apple cider in your cup. It’s second nature to queue up A Christmas StoryElf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, or The Grinch.

This year, switch up the rotation and throw a tropical film on the screen.

One idea is Netflix’s recent romantic comedy Operation Christmas Drop, which takes place in sultry yet beautiful Guam over the holiday. Follow a rules-following political aide as she navigates a complicated relationship with an Air Force Captain—of which his facility is in her pursuits to defund. 

If you’re not into rom-coms, no sweat. There are plenty of other fitting movies out there! 

Put Your Santa Suit Away This Year

Okay, okay—we don’t expect you to wear a tank top and shorts on Christmas day, especially if you’re living in cooler climates (or do we?).

But, believe it or not, you can dress festively and tropically at the same time. Plus, if you’re planning to mostly stay indoors, you can wear whatever you want as long as the heat is cranked.

Consider Hawaiian-print-themed shirts, ugly Christmas sweaters donned with palm trees instead of pine, a Baywatch-inspired Santa Baby swimsuit, or something else that’s comfortable, tropical, and most importantly, fun. If you’re inviting people over, encourage them to play the part, too, with things like red and green leis or red and white-striped swim trunks, or something comparable.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Tropical Christmas

Don’t let these ideas be all you do this holiday.

Let them inspire you to do even more fun stuff! Perhaps you put up inflatable palm trees in the yard instead of reindeer, or you wrap all your gifts in beach ball-patterned paper. Maybe your annual Christmas photo has a faux beach background and you buy a bag of real sand as a prop. 

Whatever you do, enjoy your tropical Christmas. Aloha!

For more entertaining content like this, you know where to go. We’ll be here through the holidays and beyond.

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