How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Home

To drive rats away, one must first know how they were able to gain access to the home environment and what might have attracted them. To do this, damage to the building should first be removed. Help against rats also promises a whole range of valuable tips on handling food and waste. Objective: To remove the food sources of rats. If you observe the following tips against rats, you should drive away rats and avoid or prevent future rat infestation or invite expert to give you a quality service.

Eliminate Building Defects: Drive Away Rats.

  • Door gaps – Rats already have holes and door gaps of 2 cm to squeeze through. Therefore: To drive away rats, doors or gates that do not close tightly have to be equipped with so-called nylon brush strips or rubber lips.
  • Cracks and joints – windows, doors, and ventilation openings are secured by stable grids with a small mesh size, no larger than 18 mm.
  • Damage in the sewer area – Immediate repair of damaged sewer systems. Help against rats is also offered by securing water drains (gullies), which can be secured using metal grids. Damaged pipes from the sewer system that reach the surface in the basement should be sealed immediately.
  • Breakthroughs through walls and ceilings – Breakthroughs for supply lines should be closed with rock wool or close-meshed wire netting and sealed with cement mortar. Cuffs also help. Sealing with sheet metal, especially for openings in wooden walls and ceilings, is another effective means of combating rats.
  • Elevator shafts – Elevator shafts can be the focus of infestation in buildings. Rats can easily climb the cables, guide rails, or tubes inside such elevator shafts. The space for the drive motors of the lifts also often provides rats with a relatively undisturbed area to nest.
  • Backflow flaps in toilets – By installing backflow flaps in the drainage systems, rats can be prevented from entering. There are licensed company that are experts in pest control, if it persists after carrying out the instruction, then you need to invite one.
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