How To Get Massive Clouds From Your Vape?

When you enjoy vaping, there are numerous reasons that people choose to do it. One of the reasons is that it is enjoyable to try the different vape juice flavors you can choose from. Another reason is that it is supposedly better for the user’s health and those around them than smoking a cigar or a cigarette. Vaping is less harmful than smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar; hence, they do not generate toxic chemicals like traditional cigarettes. One of the more overlooked reasons people opt to use vape is to choose to have small or massive clouds of vape smoke. It is much easier said than done since most e-cigs produce significantly smaller sized clouds of vapor from them. There are some ways you can adjust your current vape pen and e-cig to make it produce more of a cloud. But not everyone can do that or wants to mess around with the build and function of something that is already working just fine the way it is. Here we will discuss some tips on making your vape smoke clouds massive without tampering with your vape pen too much. 

Low Sub Ohm Tank with a Low Resistance Coil

If you want to produce some significant vape clouds, you can’t rely on your small and decidedly discreet tiny tanked vape pens and e-cigs. It would be best if you had something with a larger size tank to produce massive clouds. This kind of goes without saying that the bigger, the better kind of applies to this scenario. This tank has fan mesh coils that kind of resembles a cheese grater. It warms up your vape pen quickly and has a tank sized to make giant clouds of vape easily. The fan mesh coils are made to be perfect and ready to vape with. By improving the air over the coil, you may be increasing the amount of vape juice going back into the tank. It helps to make more and more smoke from the juice. It creates a near-constant supply of vape juice, turning into cloud output by the tank. 

Adjust Your ECigs Power Settings to Produce More Massive Clouds

Your ECigs power settings will need to adjust to the product more of a cloud of vape smoke. With more power comes more clouds. Opt to vape at 60w instead of at 30w. It will make your clouds much bigger and showier. Play around with your vaporizer until you get the desired amount of cloud from your power use going into your coils. You may want to keep in mind that you don’t want to go up to 100w for power. While this will help you produce more clouds, it will also not allow you to have full usage and enjoyment of your vape juice flavors. So if you want some dry tasting hits, then go ahead and go to 100w. You’ll get big clouds. But you’ll also have less juice to enjoy while you’re vaping. 

Battery Suggestion for Big Vape Clouds

There are plenty of battery recommendations for you to use more power to make clouds. You’ll need a battery that has some more battery power adjustment with it to allow you to turn up the power on your vaporizer while you’re enjoying your vape juice flavors. Most e-cigs and vapes come with something that has a fixed variable as a battery. You’ll want a modified vape with batteries that have variables on your wattage and your voltage. The battery can keep you vaping all day long without slowing down and giving you even bigger vape clouds with the extra power it will provide your vaporizer device. 

The Best Vape Liquid for Big Clouds

Another way to make big clouds with your e-cigs and vape pens is to use the right juice to get the job done. The different juices are the PG and the VP. The PG gives more to the back of the throat with the vape while the VP produces more vape clouds. The VP is what you’ll want to use to get bigger and more impressive clouds. The PG will be for when you want to enjoy your juice without producing too much cloud around you from it. 

Smoking has always produced a significant cloud around people, making sense for people to desire to make their e-cigs work similarly to give them big clouds. Hopefully, the tips will help you achieve your big clouds next time you’re vaping. Ovale USA is one of the most renowned e-cigarette manufacturers operating in the US, providing a vast range of e-cigs, e-liquids, atomizers, and the necessary accessories.

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