How To Drive through a Sand Storm 

Sand storms are not new to those who live in desert places. At least twice a year residents of UAE experience this is a natural phenomenon. It happens when the wind comes in a dry place and picks up the sand and dust. Of course, what happens here is nothing like what they show in Hollywood.  A total blackout, where you can’t even see your hands in front of your face. None the less it’s still annoying, Sand/dust gets into everything, whether you’re on the road or inside the house. Of course, you might not see the sand, especially for those in the house, but then at the end of the day, everything is dusty and dirty.

Ideally, you should not contemplate driving in such conditions, however, sometimes it could happen that the bad weather meets you while you are on the road. So what do you do if something like this happens to you?

So what the sand storm does is that it affects visibility, both for you and other drivers. It is more difficult for them to see you and vice versa too.

1.       Drive slowly and with headlights on

You want other road users to be able to see you. Therefore drive slowly, so that there’s more time for oncoming drivers to see you. Make sure your headlights and indicators are working and are on too. All these will help improve visibility.

2.       Keep Your Distance

You want to give everyone more than enough room to take action, you also want to have as much room as possible to brake, steer and do other things. Give a space of at least 10 seconds between you and the next car. Also if it even gets more difficult to see, drive at the centre of the close to the white lines so that you can use it as guidelines for you.

3.       Don’t stop without warning

Other drivers can’t see you clearly, therefore don’t suddenly slam on the brakes, do it gently otherwise there could be a crash. You want other drivers to have enough time to see your car slow down, and stop so that they can make appropriate decisions.

4.       Lock all windows

This is a no brainer. Lock your windows, close all air vents also, you don’t want sand in your car. And if you have a nose mask, make sure you wear it.

5.       How to pull over

If it gets so bad that you are unable to see, gently pull over to the side and stop your car. Make sure you turn off your lights. Otherwise, this might confuse other drivers to think that you are still moving. These sand storms don’t last for very long. In some minutes the road will be clear enough for you to drive.

In these conditions just make sure that you’re careful and you are considerate of other road users.

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