How To Dress Stylishly Comfortable: A Jumper Fashion Guide

It doesn’t happen often when comfortable, warm, and cozy clothing pieces are in style. Luckily, jumper sweaters have always been in style, which means that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for trendiness when the temperatures outside start to drop.

There are tons of different varieties of jumpers out there. From chunky-knit to wool, from muted colors and bold patterns, the right jumper can flatter almost anyone’s body shape and style. But how many ways can you style a jumper?

If you’re ready for the fall and winter season and you’re prepared to upgrade your own jumper fashion style, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing all of the “in” ways to style your jumpers. Just keep on reading to stay cozy!

Jumpers With Jeans

If you’re planning on wearing your jumper casually, try pairing it with a well-fitting pair of jeans.

If your jumper is light-colored, opt for medium or dark wash jeans to offset the tones. If your jumper is darker, go for light wash or even white jeans. The contrast will make your outfit look more cohesive and you won’t run the risk of appearing washed-out. To properly tuck your sweater, pull on the fabric slightly to create a natural slack so that nothing looks tight.

Jumpers With Skirts

Is your fashion style a little bit chicer and semi-formal? 

Pairing a jumper with a skirt is the best way to be comfortable yet dressy. Simply choose a skirt that doesn’t clash with the colors on your sweater and tuck the front of the jumper into your skirt. Make sure there are no harsh creases and that the tucked portion of your sweater isn’t creating a bulge on the inside of your skirt.

Denim skirts pair well with beige, ivory, and other neutral sweaters, as do black skirts. You could also spice things up by pairing a neutral jumper with a colored skirt, like burgundy, emerald, or persimmon!

The Jumper Sweater Dress

Who says comfortable fashion excludes dresses? The jumper sweater dress is this fall and winter’s trendiest clothing item!

Whether you choose a chunky turtleneck dress or a lithe silky one, be sure to accessorize it with knee-length boots. Not only will the boots keep your legs warm but you’ll be making your torso seem longer and slimmer as your jumper accentuates your body shape. If it’s really cold out, pair a warm scarf with your dress and viola.

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Elevate Your Look With These Jumper Fashion Tips

Jumpers aren’t going anywhere, so it’s time that you finally figure out how to style them to the max. Now that you’re aware of these jumper fashion tips, you can look forward to staying comfortable and warm during the upcoming fall and winter season!

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