How to Differentiate Yourself as a Man when Live Video Chatting


Most men would agree that dating is hard. Really, people in general would agree to that as well. But men in particular are faced with some unique challenges. This tends to become even more pronounced in instances where one needs to make use of new technologies. For example, live video chat within the context of dating can bring some unexpected difficulties. One of the biggest is how a man can even differentiate himself from the romantic competition. Thankfully, this problem is easier to handle than most would expect. And live chat can turn from a dating worry to an effective tool. 

A big issue faced only by men

One of the harder parts about dating as a man is a forced lack of variety in one’s overall visual representation. A woman is able to express a huge amount of her taste and personality through her clothing, makeup and hair. But men’s fashion tends to be significantly more constrained. Men’s fashion and clothing tends to be extremely utilitarian and going too far away from this concept means bringing additional unintentional statements along with it. 

For example, wearing clothing one can’t easily move around in can suggest an overall lack of athleticism. And that’s even true when talking over live chat. Our culture tends to assume that women will dress for events. But the same assumptions usually lead people to assume that men tend to have one style and stick with it. This is one of the reasons why business casual is so popular with men. Despite the fact that it’s somewhat bland, it doesn’t come with many forced cultural assumptions. One could conceivably be heading from a hike, gym or office when wearing business casual. This is even more important in the context of live video chat where a woman’s imagination needs to be sparked right from the start. 

Instinct matters when it comes to attraction

It’s important to stress that few women would actually be conscious of these assumptions. These, and many other factors, work on a subconscious level. And it’s usually at such as minor level that it’s irreverent in day to day life. But the mating drive is one of the single most fundamental parts of human nature. A minor issue in how we look at a stranger is multiplied a hundred times over when we consider someone as a partner. 

Practical steps to improve overall attractiveness


So how does one get around this? If going outside average fashion lowers chances than how should a man stand out? The answer comes to lifestyle choices. Some of these should be seen as a long term goal. For example, improving diet and fitness will help one stand out. Only about 3% of the population lives a fully healthy lifestyle. And doing so often only means a few extra hours a week. Being in the top 3% for health and fitness is worth that level of effort. 

But some of the changes can be done in no time. One should put some extra work into personal hygiene. Combing hair, ensuring one is properly shaving; etc. will make a big difference. But one can take that further by using big but easy touches like dying his hair. This can suggest youth and vitality in a way that one would need months in a gym to replicate. When all of this is taken into account it should produce results that push one significantly past any romantic competition. 

Getting oneself out there

In the end there’s also something to be said for confidence. But one can rest assured that putting all of this into effect will make him more attractive to a large percentage of the women out there. But it only happens when one makes the decision to really get working on it and making some solid connections. 


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