How do I access home care?

If you’re having trouble with day-to-day tasks such as cleaning, food preparation as well as obtaining dressed, ask your local council for treatment requires evaluation. This assists to work out what would help you stay independent at home for longer. Your carer, district nurse, or can make a recommendation for an evaluation in your place with your authorization.

If you’re being released from the hospital, the team on your ward can organize home care services to see if you’re risk-free, as well as properly sustained in the house, or to help rehabilitate you. A social worker ought to lead the planning of your future care and support with you.

If you are looking for home care, please contact Home Health Gravesend.

Will my local council is going to pay for the home care? 

When your local council does a care requirement assessment as well as agrees you have eligibility required for the treatment as well as assistance in your home, they will do a means examination. This will think about your earnings, as well as cost savings. Unless you’re entering into a care home, this won’t take into account the worth of your property.

Certain sorts of income, such as cash from specific pensions and disability, might not be counted in the methods test. This is the same for sure kinds of funding. All other earnings, as well as funding, can be thought about.

If all your qualified earnings are taken into account in your methods test, you have to be entrusted earnings of ₤189.00 per week, if you’re single, as well as over Pension plan Debt certifying age. This is referred to as the Minimum Income Assurance.

If you’re eligible for financial backing to pay for home care, your local council will be able to arrange services for home care for you. Additionally, you can select to obtain straight repayments, as well as set up homecare on your own.

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