Here is everything you need to know about the day of Dev Guru Brihaspati 


Brihaspati Bhagwan, also known as Dev Guru, refers to planet Jupiter according to Vedic astrology. He is the teacher and instructor of all Gods. Thursday is considered the day of Dev Guru. This day is considered auspicious and helpful to offer to pray. If any of your effort to please Brihaspati is not showing results, you should definitely offer your puja on Thursday to get success. It is believed that performing puja on this day with dedication can bring good health, long life and success to devotees. 

In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a particular deity. Likewise, Thursday is dedicated to the worship of Brihaspati Bhagwan. If you wish for happiness, success and good luck, follow this blog to know what you should do specifically on Thursday. 

Thursday – The day of Brihaspati

Dev Guru is known to be one of the most important planets amongst the nine planets. Thursday is considered to be the day of Brihaspati. (Jupiter) It is believed that those who have a strong Brihaspati in their kundli are deemed to have lifelong success and happiness. However, there are certain things that need to be done on Thursday that will bring you good luck and prosperity. Remember that you can offer Manokamna Tokri to Brihaspati Dev on Thursdays by booking online at Brihaspati Dham in Jaipur. Yes, it’s that easy. 

What to do specifically on Thursday 

  1. Get up early in the morning not only on Thursdays but also for daily worship. After bathing light ghee diyas in Brihaspati Mandir or home. Also, apply tika using turmeric or saffron on your forehead. 
  2. Use Tulsi in the worship of Dev Guru as any Puja without Tulsi prasad is considered incomplete.
  3. To please Brihaspati Bhagwan, wear yellow colored clothes on Thursday. It is believed that yellow color is very dear to Dev Guru. 
  4. Fasting on Thursdays can be really beneficial if done with devotion. Devotees observing Thursday fast, reciting kathas and chanting Brihaspati beej mantra can avail benefit in almost all essential areas of life like knowledge, spirituality, education etc. Avoid having salt on a Thursday especially if you are fasting.

You can download Brihaspati katha, bhajans and more online conveniently at Brihaspati Dham in Jaipur. 

  1. Offering bhog to Brihaspati should include yellow sweets. 

Brihaspati Dham in Jaipur makes it easy for devotees to order prasad boxes which are made within the temple using purest cow ghee. Alternatively, you can also get your prasad offered to Dev Guru on your behalf at Brihaspati Dham Temple in Jaipur. 

  1. You should also offer a yellow colored garland to Dev Guru on a Thursday. 
  2. Chant Brihaspati Mantra 108 times or one whole cycle of beads to attract happiness, peace and prosperity. Chanting or jap will provide the maximum positive effect.

For any information on how these chants should be done or if you want to get the jap done by Brihaspati Mandir in Jaipur, contact them. Alternatively, you can also visit the site to book 1.25 lac Brihaspati Mantras online. 

  1. The rules of Thursday fast are simple. Puja is performed using yellow colored flowers, yellow rice, yellow sweets etc. If you are observing the fast for marriage, you should offer water to Brihaspati bhagwan along with ladoo. Apart from that, you can also make a donation to Brihaspati temple in India.  

It is believed that whoever is blessed by Brihaspati Bhagwan never lacks anything in life. However, devotees observing the Brihaspati vrat should do it with dedication.

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