Harmony Place Dr. Mark Schwartz Talks Types And Treatments Of Eating Disorders 

Eating is essential for survival. This activity nourishes us, and doing it right is necessary for our health and well-being. When issues arise around eating, the effects can be profound and devastating. For example, eating disorders can adversely affect our relationship with food and our views on body shape. They involve persistent behaviors that can result in physical illness, emotional turmoil, and reduced quality of life. Most cases start in the teenage years, although they can also begin well into adulthood. Holistic treatment helps patients improve their eating habits, undo bodily damage, and foster a more positive self-image. 

The Most Common Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa, if left unchecked, can result in decreased weight. People who suffer from this eating disorder fear any weight gain because of slanted views on ideal body shape and weight. This leads them to use radical measures for weight control, such as extreme calorie restriction, intense exercise routines, and regular use of laxatives. Even if they are already underweight, they might still try to lower their weight further. Without enough nutrients, they have brittle bones and compromised immune systems. Their self-starvation can be fatal. 

Bulimia nervosa is described as an oscillation between binge eating and purging. Patients feel helpless over their inability to control the amount they eat. Thus, they try to gain a semblance of control by restricting their intake for a specified period. However, this often backfires with bigger meals once they allow themselves to touch food. They often feel guilty and ashamed, so they purge to make up for their perceived excesses. They may take laxatives, throw up, or exercise to an unhealthy degree. People with bulimia have a negative self-image despite having a healthy weight.  

Binge-eating disorder is similar to bulimia in those people who have overeaten regularly. They might continue with this behavior even if they are not hungry. Many will go on eating despite feeling full. Although they may feel guilty about their behavior, they do not go on a purging spree to offset the calories. They simply hide their bingeing from others. Binge-eaters span a wide range of weights from ordinary to obese. 

The Treatment of Eating Disorders 

Eating disrders start little by little, so they can remain undetected for many years. They get worse with time as individuals increase their tolerance for unhealthy behaviors. They push their limits until they reach their breaking point. Health issues become too numerous, too dangerous, and too frequent for them to ignore. Loved ones begin to notice as well. Job loss, relationship breakdown, and family problems are not uncommon. Treatment should be pursued as soon as possible to prevent things from getting worse. Look for a reputable facility with specialists who focus on eating disorders.  

Harmony Place Monterey and Its Eating Disorder Program

Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey offers competent care for persons who are suffering from eating disorders. The facility’s team of experts, led by Dr. Mark Schwartz, will make sure that the needs of patients are addressed. Severe cases may require residential care, with staff available 24 hours. Everything is optimized to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

Therapists will work with each individual to form trust, maintain confidentiality, and develop specific treatment plans. Group therapy will also be used to let patients see that they are not alone in this battle. They can learn from the experiences of others and gain valuable insights that can help them in their recovery. At Harmony Place Monterey, Dr. Mark Schwartz and the staff will make sure that essential life skills are developed to ease the transition to an outpatient program. 

If you or your loved one has an eating disorder, then get in touch with Dr. Mark Schwartz through the Harmony Place Monterey hotlines. Describe the situation to get professional advice about treatment options. Recovery is possible with the help of the family, the medical team, and the willing patient.

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