Great Netflix Shows to Start Over the Weekend

Binge-watching has become a popular new trend among a variety of age groups. Yet, what does it really mean? 

Well, binge-watching refers to watching multiple episodes of a television show without taking any breaks or doing anything else. One of the best ways to binge-watch is through Netflix shows.  

Netflix has a wide variety of interesting television shows that can suit your needs. Whether you want to get into a Netflix original or find something else, Netflix has it all. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide to great Netflix shows you need to start over the weekend. 


One of the top Netflix shows that you need to watch this weekend is Bridgerton. In the first season, you’ll follow Daphne Bridgerton as she tries to find love. Meanwhile, Lady Whistledown narrates all the dramatic events. 

Each season will be based on a different Bridgerton sibling, and we’re already crossing our fingers for season two to come out soon. Bridgerton is a riveting sexually charged show that is a great way to fill up your time. 

The Haunting of Hill House

If you’re looking for more good shows on Netflix, you need to check out The Haunting of Hill House. It is a supernatural horror drama that can be just what you’re looking for to fill your weekend. 

The show bounces back and forth between past and present happenings at Hill House. You’ll find you get a chance to meet all the characters and see their backstories as well. 

Are you looking for more shows you can binge-watch? If so, be sure to check out for a full list of Netflix shows you need to binge. 

Shadow and Bone

When trying to find the best TV shows on Netflix, you need to check out Shadow and Bone. The show is perfect for anyone who loves young adult fantasy. 

One reason why so many people love this show is because of the in-depth world-building and character arcs. Even supporting characters find their way into your hearts when watching Shadow and Bone. 

Schitt’s Creek

If you’re looking for some of the top Netflix shows that have a fun vibe, you’ll want to spend your weekend watching Schitt’s Creek. Eugene and Dany Levy work together to create a masterpiece through this show that will have you laughing out of your seat. 

The show focuses on a rich family that is forced to move to a town they purchased as a joke after losing everything. The sixth and final season has been posted on Netflix so you can enjoy the entire series this weekend. 

Favorite Netflix Shows 

As you can see, Netflix is a great source of entertainment for people who are interested in tons of different things. If you’re looking for Netflix shows you can binge-watch, be sure to use our list this weekend to find something new. 

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