Great gift ideas for the Christian woman in your life

Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, finding the right gift for the Chrisitan woman in your life can be tough. Nowadays, it seems like everyone has everything, and finding a unique, appropriate gift might feel like an impossible task. Fear not: we have rounded up some advice to help you find the best gift for every Christian woman…

A piece of jewelry


Whether you’re buying a gift for your mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, or partner, you can’t go too far wrong with a piece of jewelry. We recommend against earrings as these can be hard to get right, but necklaces, bracelets, and rings are ideal. Faith-filled jewelry is available in abundance, and a Celtic cross necklace handmade by Celtic Cross Online is a great example of that; combining stunning craftsmanship with a truly beautiful cross design.

A new bible


If you’re trying to find the ideal gift for the woman of faith in your life, a bible is another option to consider. There are dozens of styles, sizes, and options available, from coloring bibles to devotional-style bibles that “modernize” prayer and faith. Shop around and remember that a bible can be a very personal item – rather than ‘replacing’ their existing book of worship, the product you buy should serve as an extension, whether daily devotions or a bible workbook.

A bible case


Not comfortable buying a bible for your loved one? Instead, consider buying a bible case that can be used to both reflect her faith and serve as a fashion statement. There are lots of options online from specialist stores, but if you have the measurements to hand, you could make your own with some faux leather and personalized engravings; a really magical touch.

Christian wall art


The home is where the heart is, and where God is. Websites such as Amazon and TJ Maxx regularly sell religion-based wall art from stunning artwork of god to quotes from the bible that can brighten a room and bring faith closer to the family. Ask your loved one for their favorite quote or passage from the bible and see whether you can have it printed onto a canvas alongside a family portrait – that could be a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

Faith-inspired t-shirts


Finally, consider buying your loved one a t-shirt that features a religious quote or symbol, and ask for her favorite color and size to get it just right. T-shirts are available across the web featuring cute designs such as “Jesus is my Jam,” “The Lord is My Strength and My Song,” and “Light in The Darkness” – each offers a subtle nod to religion and allows your friend or family member to proudly show off her faith to the world in a fashionable manner.

Do you have any other ideas for religious gift ideas? Let us know and check back soon.


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