Gaggia Brera Troubleshooting

Gaggia Brera is a super automatic espresso machine and coffee maker machine and it is capable of making anything from espresso to cappuccino. Gaggia Brera coffee machine produces or delivers you the professional level cup of coffee within the simple push of a button. It is capable of making ten cups of coffee per day with smooth crema for refreshment, and it is made for household usage. With all the specialties, you may also face some problematic issues in it.

In the Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine, you may find some of the issues related to the electric connection, Water flow issues, Brew unit problems, Coffee grounding problems, coffee delivering issues, etc. Some of the users find out it pretty much difficult task to solve the issues. Nothing to worry about! Here we will discuss the issues of the Gaggia Brera espresso machine and the solutions of it below.

Gaggia Brera Troubleshooting  Guide

Gaggia Brera is one of the most common coffee maker machines from Gaggia. Check out the Gaggia espresso machines reviews for learning more about Gaggia Espresso Machines. After using the Gaggia coffee machine you may find some unwanted problems with it. That’s why we are here with the tagline of Gaggia Brera Troubleshooting to let you know the problems and sort them out.

  1. The Machine Is Not Heating Or Not Turning On

If your machine is not turning on or not heating properly, then this may happen because of some sort of electric connectivity issues. If your fuse is gone or the board electric connections are broken or damaged, then you may face similar issues. Sometimes, the wires or the connected parts become shorted and this happens as a result. If the problem has happened for the electric board, then it may seem not repairable sometimes.


  • First of all, you have to check that if your machine is connected with the appropriate power source or not.
  • Don’t use the plug on a surge protector as it cannot handle the amperage that this Gaggia espresso machine requires because it has a high power draw
  • Be sure if your power switches are not damaged and working perfectly. Try to use different outlets and see if they connect or not.
  • Check if the plug is inserted into the socket properly or not. Try to press or replace it and check if it gets the connection.
  • If the machine is found with a leak in the wire or the steam line, then wait for a couple of hours and let it dry. It will be okay if this happens because of any exposure to moisture
  1. Lack Of Crema Or Bad Tasting Shots

If your coffee comes out with less cream and the taste also feels a little bit salty or strange, then you have to sort out it. The cream level or the flavor taste does not indicate that the machine has any malfunctions. This problem means that it has something wrong with the beans or the pouring of grounded beans. If you have any sort of taste related or cream issues then you have to consider the beans first of all.


  • If the grind tastes too much bitter then you may have problems with coarser settings, try to adjust the coarser settings with the grind and it is showed with a dot symbol or some sort of higher number.
  • If the taste is too sour or the coffee grind remains thin, then you have to check the grinder setting to the finer setting, cause the may have been set too coarse.
  • If you found there is a little amount of crema, then it is probably because your beans have been stale, so you have to replace some fresh beans in it for the solution
  • Last but not least, you have to keep the machine and the grinder cleaned or calibrated. Otherwise, you may have to remove the extra flavors or residue from the textures
  1. Water Filling Light Stuck On

If your machine’s water filling light is stuck on while refilling the water into the tank, then you can do the following.


  • While filling the tank you need to make sure that if the machine is turned on or not.
  • If the machine is not turned on then the tank sensor will not work properly or the sensor won’t reset it
  • Remove the water tank and afterward try to refill it
  • If the water tank has any sort of dirt or debris in the chamber, then wipe it down.
  • After that, Strongly insert the water tank again into the device.
  1. Machine Has Leaking Issues

If your machine is leaking from the bottom side then you may have to check the water tank if it has any leakage or not. If your leakage issue is happening from the Wand, then the steam bulb is leaked while the machine is on or it is brewing. So, you have to descale the tank and flush it 4 to 5 times for solving the issue.

Final Words

The Gaggia Brera Espresso machine may have some other issues like flow issues, Grinder is not grinding properly, Ventilating not working perfectly, Difficulty while frothing, and many more. All those issues and these issues may come with or happen because of the problems from similar parts. You may need some sort of professionals or experts to treat those issues if you can’t solve them.

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