Fun Ways of Growing Strawberry Plants

Do you like the taste of strawberries? Don’t for one minute think you can’t grow strawberries even when you only have a small space available. As a matter of fact, you can grow strawberries anywhere. 

Also. if you are new to gardening, growing strawberry plants is a fantastic way of getting into this hobby. Just a word of warning, growing strawberries on allotment is not the smartest thing to do. These delicious red delights have a habit of going missing. Yes, it is true. We find strawberries hard to resist. 

Growing Strawberries On A Balcony

According to specialist grower Chris Bowers and Sons, you don’t need to grow your strawberry plants directly in the ground. Many of the newer varieties are happy to grow in hanging baskets or balcony boxes. To make it easier to look after and harvest your strawberries, attach balcony boxes to a wall. Remember not to put them too high up. Placing them at a lower level makes both watering and harvesting easier. 

Can I Grow Strawberries In a Polytunnel? 

There is absolutely no reason why growing strawberry plants in a polytunnel is not the way to go. When you would like to extend the growing season, polytunnels are a good alternative to planting strawberry plants or exotic fruit trees for sale that you have picked up from \

Growing crops in polytunnels can also help to protect your plants and crops from the attention of unwanted visitors such as aphids or furry critters that like to join in the feast. 

Can I Grow Strawberry Plants Inside? 

There is absolutely reason why not. However, it is a good idea to put your strawberry plants out while they are flowering. Friendly pollinators are exactly what your strawberry plants need to produce an abundance of delicious tasting red delights. 

Once they have flowered, you can bring them inside and wait for the magic to happen. Growing strawberries inside is a popular way of growing berries and fruits in a polluted area. But, you must not lose sight of the fact all fruits and berries need help from the birds and bees to crop. 

Final Thoughts

When you would like more expert advice or growing tips, check out the Chris Bowers and Sons website or contact the company. They have a wealth of information they like to share with both new and returning customers. The team offers advice on everything from fruit trees for sale to exciting new crops for your large or small garden. 

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