Five Ways Fashion Retailers Can Empower Their Staff to Be Stylists

Do you want to take your luxury store to a new level? You have a pool of people having the right attitude; teach them the skill of stylist. Isn’t this approach beneficial for both you and your staff?

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As a retail owner, you want customer loyalty and retention. The purpose of every business is to create an aesthetic product that makes the customer satisfied and, on the other hand, customers desire to have the right direction and righteous suggestions.

To become stylish, you need to possess some unique traits, for instance, a Toronto based stylist and designer Sammie Moussallam had the privilege of having his work published in the said magazines. Sammie Moussallam is a stylist known for his creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Make the employee’s stylist, not the salesperson:

Every retail store has a salesperson who guides people with the new products and discounts in the store. What’s new in this? Try something different. Train the employees to be a stylist.

Are they able to guide the customers according to their personality? Can they compile the best attire from the store and convince people to try their hands on that? People will embrace this approach. Instead of hunting the right artifact from across the store themselves, they have a professional to help them.

Body Shape styling:

Everyone has a divergent body. The type of outfits depends upon the body type. Does your staff have the proper knowledge of body types, and what attire will suit the particular body type?

Impart them the proper training so that they can usher the customer with the best recommendations. Show the customer’s that you care about them.

Allow them to show some creativity:

Are your staff aware of all the brands and accessories available in the store? If not, the initial step is to educate them about all the products. Also, provide them the authority to have access to all the products.

Never set the fixed rules and give them the freedom to use their innovation and creativity to assemble the dress according to the color and design combination. A certain level of liberty creates a sense of enthusiasm and motivation to deal with different types of customers.

The best customer service:

You will come across people having a different attitude and nature. Are you ready to deal with them? Some people may be polite, and others may give a deaf ear. Train the staff to have the audacity to deal with rigid people.

How will you deal with such people? Always remember, you have to give suggestions according to their requirement and not just to sell the product.

Allow them to create their customer database:

Your stylist may know the taste and preference of their repeated customer. The customers may also start to feel comfortable and develop a cordial relation with your stylist.

So allow the stylist to create the database of the clients based on their purchases and style.

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