Five Cheap Places to Buy Property in Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country famous for beer, chocolates, and the national football team. It is a very safe and interesting country to live in. Although Belgium is not a cheap country, there are some places where you can buy cheap property and manage everything under budget.

Though life in big cities is expensive, you can also buy cheap property in some cities. Here is a list of five cheap places where you can buy affordable property.

  1. Burges

Although barges is a big city, it is characterized as cheapest in terms of renting and real estate. Burges aren’t expensive. Though it is always crowded with tourists the cost of living is much lower.

Burges is among the best cities to live and visit because it is not only amazing but living here is also affordable. The people looking to buy a property can find cheap apartments here at an average price of 100,000 EUR for a quick sale with no viewings.

  1. Liege

It is the fourth most populated city in Belgium. It is the cultural center of Wallonia. Liege has many concert halls, theaters, opera, and museums. Life here is peaceful and wonderful.

This city is surely worth a visit, the city is fun at night, and you can buy property here at affordable prices. The people looking to live in Liege can buy a property at an average price of 72,000 EUR.

  1. Mons

Mons is a beautiful city. The most famous landmark of Mons is the city’s bell tower. Many festivals are celebrated in festival season. This city grew quickly, and several commercial buildings are present here. The city is an important university town and commercial center.

You can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle here. Many luxury hotels are also present in Mons. Mons is not considered a particularly expensive city in terms of real estate. You can buy affordable property at an average price of 60,000 EUR.

  1. Torgersen

It is a city and municipality situated in the province of Limburg in the Flemish region of Belgium.  This town claims to be the oldest in Belgium. It is famous for flea markets and Sunday antiques. The city is a popular tourist attraction.

The property price is also affordable here as compared to the big cities of Belgium. You can enjoy more than just Roman history in this city. It is a beautiful town, and you can get everything here easily. If you are looking to buy affordable property where you can buy it at an average price of 40,000 EUR. Properties can sell quickly.

  1. Namur

It is the administrative capital of Wallonia, French-speaking Belgium. Although tourists crave romantic cities like Burges and Ghent, Namur remains a hidden, interesting destination with various attractions. It is a great place to live and visit.

You can enjoy the panoramic view from the citadel, or you can watch a movie at the amazing Royal Theatre of Namur. Most tourists enjoy visiting the Belgian Christmas market at Namur. Real estate is also affordable here. You can buy a cheap property at an average price of 35,000 EUR. Selling your property can take as little as 7 days.

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