Find out how is the routine of an emergency doctor

Who has never had to rush to an emergency room, but was afraid of falling into the hands of an unprepared professional and not being well cared for? Everyone who works in the health field deals with the complex mission of taking care of human lives, but, for the emergency physician, this responsibility is even greater. You need urgent care near me option for any emergency situation.

situations are aggravating: the patient’s life! If there is no quick and precise intervention, the result may be irreversible. Therefore, the qualification of the professional is a decisive factor in this type of service.  

In this text, we will address the importance of the emergency physician, the main activities of his routine, and the necessary skills for this professional. Read more about it!


Emergency Medicine is an area that encompasses from pre-hospital care to diagnosis, treatment, and referral of patients at risk, either due to pathology in acute manifestation or due to an injury that requires immediate intervention.

The emergency physician performs a directive service, to avoid mortality or worsening of these cases. For that, he must have a generalist domain of the specialties of Medicine, including technical and scientific knowledge about various diseases and their possible treatments.

The experience of the emergency professional includes assistance to patients of all ages, including from the simplest cases to those of high complexity. He even has clinical and surgical training to perform the necessary interventions, depending on the severity of the condition.

Due to the responsibility to save lives from immediate decisions, the emergency physician must have technical and emotional preparation to determine, in a matter of seconds, what should be done with the patient – where he will be referred, what initial procedures are necessary, the drugs that must be prepared, etc. 

The routine of this professional, in addition to demanding agility in decision making, still has an intense load of pressure and stress. After all, it is human lives that are in your hands, and that depends on urgent interventions.

To carry out this important mission in the area of emergency, it is necessary to be able to control the chaos in the day to day profession. The difficulties are present mainly in the public health scenario, portrayed by the overcrowding, the insufficient number of beds, and the lack of materials and medical and hospital equipment.

Faced with so many challenges, the emergency physician needs to multiply his services to be able to serve as many patients as possible with the minimum conditions he has at his fingertips.

Now, see some of the activities that are part of the routine of this professional!

Emergency room service

Working in emergency care units is among the daily practices of the physician specializing in emergency interventions. In this context, other professionals are also part of the team, including nurses, orthopedists, among others.

Usually, hospitals work with a series of protocols to prioritize assistance in the most urgent cases. For this, patients usually go through a screening process. Based on this procedure, they are classified according to the severity of their condition and sent for care.

Urgent Care

In the day-to-day profession, the emergency physician can be called on at any time to accompany patients who need urgent care. Here, it is worth noting that, conceptually, there are differences between urgency and emergency, although the two terms are often used interchangeably.

When there is a high risk of death or when the patient faces intense suffering, an emergency is classified. Urgent cases are related to unforeseen circumstances, which can be low or extremely severe. Therefore, both conditions require prompt assistance, but both cases receive different treatments and are proportional to their complexity.  


The emergency professional also integrates rescue teams to save victims of accidents, among other situations that require urgent medical attention. In these cases, he performs emergency procedures to preserve the patient’s vital conditions and accompanies him until he is transported to a hospital, where he will be referred for other necessary care.


As in other careers, the emergency physician also needs to develop specific skills to perform well in the exercise of his activities. Meet some of the characteristics that should integrate the profile of this professional!


thinking When it comes to saving lives, thinking quickly, and deciding which procedures to perform are actions that determine results. The doctor who works in emergency care needs to be quick to assess the condition of each patient and propose the appropriate intervention. 

Emotional control

Being able to work under pressure, deal with your stress, and remain neutral in the face of tragic situations are traits of the emergency physician that indicate emotional balance. This skill is perfected throughout the professional’s experiences. This is because the intense responsibility of this career shapes profiles of resilience and self-control.

Making the right decisions

In addition to reasoning quickly, the doctor must also be able to make the right decisions. In Emergency Medicine, an error can be fatal, either in a risky intervention or in the definition of an ineffective procedure. The professional’s experience, theoretical knowledge, and technical mastery can make all the difference in this process.

Emergency availability

Doctors and nurses are well aware of how exhausting the routine is in the area of health. They face long shifts, with minimal rest breaks. The emergency room, in particular, must get used to a very variable workload and remain flexible to respond to emergency calls.

Efficient communication

Another important characteristic for the emergency physician is accessible and humanized communication, especially in the face of the anxiety and apprehension of patients and their families. Likewise, the professional must know how to communicate clearly and objectively with his work team. 

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