Few Famous Pearls Available in the World

Pearls have always been the most fascinating gems known to the world and people have been attracted to its beauty since ages.

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In this post, we shall mention about few of the world’s famous pearls that are available in various museums.

Pearl of Allah

This is also called “Pearl of Lao Tzu” and assumed to be one of the largest natural pearls existing in this world. It was found in Philippines.

Abernathy pearl

This is freshwater pearl which was found in the river Tay of Scotland in the year 1967. The pearl was named after the diver.

La peregrina pearl

This 56-karat pearl was discovered in the year 1500 and was given to Spain’s King Phillip II, who presented it to his own wife queen Mary.

Arco valley pearl

This is second largest pearl of the world which was once in possession of Marco Polo which was gifted to him by Khubilai Khan- the Mongolian emperor.

Imperial Hongkong pearl

This baroque pearl is of the size of almost a bird’s egg, owned by the Chinese royalty. This teardrop shaped pearl is famous for its deep color and luster.

Big pink pearl

This pearl was discovered in the California coast and the diver who actually found this still owns it, despite numerous offers of buying it.

Gogibus pearl

This pearl was found by Spanish merchant called Gogibus, and was sold to King Philip IV. Its whereabout is not known now. It is rumored that it is in possession of private collection.

Jomon pearl

Once upon a time, this 5,000-year-old pearl was thought to be one of the oldest pearls in existence, till older pearls were found in the Arabian Peninsula.

Hope pearl

Known as the largest saltwater pearl measures about 2” by 4” and weighs about 4 ounces. Its color ranges from greenish gold color at the bottom to pure white at top.


Once this pearl was part of Spanish crown jewels and was owned by the “Doña Isabel de Bobadilla”, who was Cuba’s first female governor. Sadly, this pearl was destroyed during palace fire in Cuba in the 18th century.


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