Few Factors To Be Known About Moissanite Rings NYC

While looking for an alternative do not think twice just go for moissanite rings NYC it would not make you disappointed. Moissanite is a kind of gemstone that could easily replace diamonds. It is cheaper than diamonds and as glorious as diamonds, it shines the way diamonds do. So you can not differentiate it by the looks at least. It is a natural gemstone made of silicon carbide but now the available moissanites are generally laboratory created.

Charles and Colvard have developed the way of producing the moissanite stones using the power of advanced technology. So after all one thing is very important and that is before taking any decision we should always aware of the pros and cons always. As engagement is not a matter of joke and it one of the important parts of life so before picking up the engagement of ring a few facts that everyone should know.

It is a Less Expensive gemstone

Engagement is all about expenses. So while you are getting an extraordinary thing at an affordable price with the same glow then why to waste money? Diamonds are really very expensive and everyone couldn’t afford it there is no way around it. As an instance, the price of a one-carat diamond is between $3,000 and $26,000. The price also depends on the other factors too such as cut, color, and clarity.

It can be too expensive for most of the buyers and you won’t be so excited to spend a quarter or more of your annual salary on that single ring, in that case, moissanite would be the definite answer. Compare to the diamond price of a one-carat moissanite stone would be between $250 and $600. Why spend all those extra thousands of dollars in that single ring while you can out that amount towards your first house or something that you need more.

Almost as hard as diamond

As it has been informed or mentioned earlier that moissanite engagement ring is second to diamond engagement ring only in terms of hardness. Both the stones are one of those hardest substances on earth but Diamond is a little harder than moissanite. The hardness is of stones is measured on the Mohs scale. This scale is graded with 1 – 10. A diamond scores 10 on the Mohs scale and moissanite score 9.25 on the Mohs scale. But when it’s about the practical purposes, moissanites are as hard as the diamonds. Moissanites toughness is rated as excellent as the diamond.

Greater Brilliance and Fire

A diamond stone generally seems to cast when it is placed directly under the light. It gets good press for its brilliance and the Fire. But when a Diamond is just next to moissanite it is completely a wallflower. Now to be honest Moissanite gemstone is the most popular and top-rated gemstone in the market. The value is growing day by day.  Brilliance ranks on a Brilliance Refraction Index that is used to show the brilliance rank in the gemstone industry. Where Diamond has generally an RI of 2.42 and the fire dispersion of 0.044 but moissanite is having a rate up to 2.69 RI and a fire dispersion of 0.104.

2 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Diamond Wedding Band White Gold  Curve Matching Thin Pave

The stone that is Ethically Produced

There is another huge cost to buy a diamond with the dollar amount, as it happens. Pound to pound, the diamond industry is one of the bloodiest in the Universe and the reason behind it is child labor in mines striving to find enough diamonds to feed their own families, and diamond trade is helping the fuel furious conflicts all across the world. On the other hand, Moissanite gemstone is ethically produced and completely traceable. And the reason behind this is it is prepared and grown in a laboratory, so that it does not require or doesn’t involve any near-slave labor the diamond industry does always, even nor in fuel conflicts. It is also one of those environmentally friendly completely.

Picking Moissanite Engagement Rings

Most of the people who generally get the non-diamond engagement rings are looked down upon for not getting the real one, because everyone can’t get a real one. In that case, having or purchasing a moissanite engagement ring could solve your problem easily. You can be assuring yourself that you are not settling at least. Your moissanite engagement ring will make your engagement day worth remembering forever just your engagement day would do.

The wonderful color

You can also rest assured that you will be having a more beautiful engagement ring while choosing a moissanite ring. All of your guests will keep commenting on the wonderful color as well as the sparkle of the ring without ever realizing the truth even. It won’t be faded so everyday meeting new people will praise you for your ring definitely.

Choose perfect from a huge variety

It would make you feel like you have chosen the best thing and you have not wasted your money. So go for a proper outlet where you will be having a huge variety of preset moissanite engagement rings and moissanite stones as well which you could have added to a custom setting. So go for the best service and start designing the engagement ring of your dreams.


Being durable is one of the main attractions of all diamond engagement rings and diamond is known for its durability mainly. Diamond is the hardest substance that is known to all, but moissanite is not far behind in that particular role. In fact, Moissanite gemstone comes with a lifetime guarantee and one that is well-earned. Moissanite stones can be strived temperature up to two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Moissanites are used in the bulletproof armature that could bear around forty rounds or more than that of ammunition or a grenade going off accordingly. Also, this stone is used in satellites, bringing the life cycle full circle as well.


So in the end we can come to an outcome that choosing a moissanite ring won’t be disappointing. It is worth buying and appreciated.

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