Facebook Ads Tips: 5 Pointers for Advertising on Facebook


The days of printing out thousands of flyers for the town square are over. 

While flyers might still help a bit, you’ll find major advertising success online. Whether you’re posting videos to social media or investing in SEO services, utilizing the online space is a huge advantage for your business. 

Have you ever thought about using Facebook ads? If not, you’re most certainly missing out!

Facebook can be a tricky terrain to figure out, so we’ve created a guide to help. Keep reading for five important Facebook ads tips.

  1. Use Video

Text-only Facebook ads don’t typically do well. They get lost in the static to never be seen again. 

Use video to stand out among the crowd. Moving pictures capture a viewer’s attention and are persuasive in encouraging consumers to visit your site. 

Video is also great for introducing yourself as a business or showing off a new product. (Make sure to encourage people to share your videos!)

  1. Create an Enticing Offer

Even if you have the best Facebook ads, your business won’t find success if you’re making poor offers. Give the people what they want!

Create Facebook-exclusive BOGO deals or offer a large percentage off if a consumer uses an advertised discount code. 

If you aren’t sure what types of offers to create, dive into human psychology and the history of advertising. The answer is much simpler than you think.

  1. Develop a High-Quality Website

One of the best tips for Facebook ads we can offer is: Create an incredible website that people find after clicking your ads. 

Imagine the disappointment a consumer would feel if they clicked on your awesome, interactive ad and found a bland, disorganized business website. It would feel like a scam!

  1. Peek at Competition

Sure, you might find some good answers and ideas using a search engine. But you’ll find even better ideas by peeking at your competition. We know it sounds like cheating, but it’s not. 

Look at how well your competitors are doing in terms of engagement with their Facebook ads. Make note of what elements work for them that could work for you too. 

  1. Hire Fresh Creatives

Because Facebook has been around for so long, we feel like we’ve seen it all when we’re scrolling. Keep your ads fresh by hiring fresh creatives. 

New perspectives boost your chances of capturing an audience’s attention and prove that your company cares about keeping up with the latest design trends. 

Before hiring new creatives for your team, take a look at your budget. It’s important to set aside money for creative work AND running ads. (We also suggest taking the time to research numbers for your budget if you’re wondering, “How much are Facebook ads?”)

A Boost for Your Business: Facebook Ads Tips

Has business seemed a bit slow recently? Shake things up by investing in Facebook ads and make sure to use these Facebook ads tips. 

Don’t be discouraged if Facebook ads haven’t worked well for you in the past. All it takes is a little bit of redirection and brainstorming to set sail on the right path. 

Check out the rest of our site for more helpful guides. We cover everything from business to health. 

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