Everything you need to know about No plumbing pedicure chair

Need a no plumbing pedicure for your salon or spa? Read this guide.

There are different types of chairs that you will find in a spa; no plumbing pedicure chair is one of them. This is a type of chair that is primarily used in giving pedicure. It requires no plumbing because itis not connected to pipes and comes with a portable foot spa.

It is worth noting that a no plumbing pedicure chair is also called a pipe less pedicure chair.

Features of no plumbing pedicure Chairs

  • They require no plumbing
  • They are portable
  • They come with removable or portable foot spas
  • Some of them come with a free technician tool
  • Most of them have heating mechanism
  • Others have massaging capabilities
  • Some modern pedicure chairs have entertainment features such as radio and speakers to keep customers entertained.
  • Most chairs features a padded seat to enhance the comfortability of clients

The modern pedicure chairs are now pipe less. They are also portable hence will allow you to set nail services anywhere. They come in a range of styles and designs hence you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect no plumbing pedicure chair for your salon.

No plumbing

Pipeless or No plumbing pedicure chair like this requires no installation. A piped in pedicure chair is connected to pipes that produce the jets while a no plumbing is not. The pipe less or no plumbing has a foot spa with a propeller that moves the water around thereby creating the jet feeling.

If you do not want the stress associated with installation of piped in pedicure chair, do not purchase them. On the other hand, the pipe less ones are more efficient and easy to clean because there are no piped jets.

You might think cleaning a no plumbing pedicure chair isn’t that tedious but it is. There is 1 pipe to fill the foot bath and another to drain it. A lot of time will be spent cleaning these pipes bacteria and all the dirt from cleaning the feet of your clients.

Massaging Capabilities

A no plumbing pedicure chair with massage capabilities is an investment worth making because it will take your services to the next level.  It will come with relaxation and your clients will always choose your salon instead of your competitors.

A chair that can massage will be a perfect remedy for your clients that have pain and muscles tension on their legs. The most massage given by this chairs include shiatsu and Swedish massage.

Shiatsu involves pressing, rolling and rotating movements to specific locations of the body.  Swedish involves long gliding strokes that aims to promote blood circulation and relief of muscle pain.

Foot spa

Most no plumbing pedicure chairshave foot bathsthat are removable. This is a shallow bowl for cleaning feet. Your feet will be immersed in warm or cold water to enable easy cleaning of your feet.

Immersing your feet in warm water is also wonderful to your body. It warms the blood hence improving circulation of blood, its relaxing and adding essentials oils will calm your nerve since they have good aroma.

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