Engagement Ring Design- Which Style Is Best?

Are you thinking of getting married to your significant other? Finding a life partner and getting engaged is a dream for many people. But from wedding planning to engagement ring shopping, there are many factors to consider.

When looking for your engagement ring, it’s important to know all the arrangements available for you. Finding your favorite style, stone, and cut in your budget can be a tricky task. The good news is, this article can help. 

To learn more about engagement ring design, read on for our basic guide. 

1. Classic Solitaire Diamond

When searching for an engagement ring, it’s important to consider the unique personality of the person wearing it. If the ring is for someone with a classic and simple taste, solitaire diamond rings are a top choice. This beautiful and timeless style radiates elegance on anyone’s finger.

Classic solitaire diamond rings feature a single diamond as the centerpiece of the design. While many people choose to accessorize with detailed wedding bands, the solitaire diamond style is simple and clean.

When choosing a classic solitaire ring, be sure to consider the four C’s of diamond quality. This can help you find the most high-quality diamond and ensure that you’re getting the best for your budget. 

2. Dramatic Cathedral-Cut 

While the classic solitaire is perfect for a simple taste, a cathedral-cut diamond engagement ring is perfect for a dramatic taste. 

Cathedral-cut rings feature a larger center diamond that is raised from the ring base by metal arches. These arches come with and without diamond accents. For a more dramatic look, the cathedral arches can be designed in different patterns and shapes. 

This style will also look beautiful for a gothic-style wedding dress or venue. One of the most attractive aspects of cathedral-cut rings is that they give off a luxurious and expensive look.

When buying your engagement ring online or in stores, be sure to inquire about the different options for arches and diamonds. Many stores will allow you to have your own custom jewelry experience. For more information on buying your engagement ring in stores, check out www.londongold.com

3. Unique and Colorful Gemstones

While traditional diamond rings are stunning, they aren’t for everyone. Many people are more attracted to a more bright and eye-catching design. With unique gemstones, a colorful engagement ring is sure to turn heads. 

One of the most popular stones for an engagement ring is an opal gemstone. Opals have a unique, shifting rainbow effect that reflects a wide range of colors from green, to purple, to pink. Opals are also the birthstone for October and many see them as a representation of loyalty, happiness, and hope. 

Another top gemstone to use for an engagement ring is an emerald. Emeralds are the birthstone for May and often represent good fortune and rebirth. Many people choose to accessorize emerald rings with smaller diamonds surrounding the stone.

Start Your Search for a Beautiful Engagement Ring Design 

While these are only three of the most elegant and beautiful ring styles out there, there are many others to explore. Start your search for the perfect engagement ring design today by paying a visit to your local jewelry store.

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