Dolce & Gabbana Embraces Diversity in Fashion

Every day, more industries are embracing diversity to improve growth, creativity and connection. The fashion world is no different, and haute couture fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is doing its part to lead the change. Rather than theorize ways to get more people involved in the elegant vision that Dolce & Gabbana creates with its clothes, the artistic directors are taking action and getting things done.

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Dolce & Gabbana Teams up With Ashley Graham

To create a trailblazing moment, Dolce partnered with a model who has pushed boundaries since the moment she stepped in front of a camera. Ashley Graham has made a name for herself by advocating for models of all sizes to be seen in modern fashion. She embodies sensuality and sophistication, aesthetics that align perfectly with Dolce & Gabbana.

Graham made a major statement at Milan Fashion Week when she hit the runway to show off the next fall/winter collection. Styled in a figure-flattering red dress and minimal adornments, Graham commanded the room and showed the power of confidence when it comes to fashion.

The model’s push for inclusivity of different body types in the fashion industry has built on the efforts of models before her and helps create a new path for other people who want to see themselves represented in the pinnacle of fashion. Combined with the daring vision of the design team at Dolce & Gabbana, Graham helps send a message that it’s time for change.

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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusivity

More and more, brands are realizing the need for representation in fashion. This includes diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender identity, body size and age. When high fashion only represents a narrow slice of society, it sends a message that some people are not as valuable or worthy of being seen as beautiful. By featuring models of diverse backgrounds and shapes, high fashion can show that beauty and style come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Diverse perspectives also lead to innovation. Using the same types of models as muses can limit creativity and innovation that comes from different perspectives. When designers and creatives work with models from diverse backgrounds, they can bring new ideas and insights that can push the boundaries of fashion and inspire new trends.

Inclusive representation is not just important for social justice reasons; it also makes good business sense. By including more visions of what fashion looks like, a wider part of the world can see itself in the designs and lifestyle that Dolce & Gabbana offers. More people are introduced to the luxury and quality that comes with shopping with one of the best fashion houses in the world.

More Growth to Come

The Milan Fashion Week show is just the first step of many to come as Dolce & Gabbana explores new ways to improve diversity in fashion and lead a trend of growth in the industry. Look out for new initiatives and campaigns that will help every person see themself wrapped in luxury that is designed just for them.

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