Discover More with Barcelona’s Private Tours

When you are visiting Barcelona for the first time or for multiple times now, you simply cannot get past the aura this place has. Whenever you step into the Barcelonian streets, you are sure to unravel the hidden jewels and layers of history present in it. You cannot get enough of the Old Quarters and as you walk down the streets, you will see secrets unwinding. You will have the best of your experiences when you hire a local travel tour package.

You get the local flavor of the place

When you are taking private tours, you are sure to find yourself getting lost in the history and legendary stories of the place. You will start accepting their culture as your own. You will have the first-hand experience of the Roman, Medieval, and Modernist eras. This is what has made Barcelona one of the most powerful maritime empires of the Mediterranean region. It is a very innovative and culturally dynamic city where you will find the right amalgamation of art and heritage.

If you are a history buff, you will find private tours designed especially for you. Some tours are typically meant for cultural enthusiasts and you can expect a lot of engagement happening in the tour. You can also indulge in one-on-one interaction with your guide.

If you are taking a private tour across the Barcelona Old-Quarter, you can mostly expect walking tours and here are some hidden gems that you might get to explore:

  • Placa Catalunya
  • Las Ramblas
  • La Boqueria market
  • Santa Creu Hospital
  • Rambla del Raval
  • Sant Pau del Camp (9th Century Romanesque Monastery)
  • Placa Reial
  • Placa del Pi
  • Jewish quarter
  • Casa I’Ardiaca
  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Placa Sant Jaume
  • Placa del Rei
  • Roman/ Medieval wall
  • Santa Maria del Mar Church
  • Passeig del Born
  • Port Vell

The main reason to book the private tours are for their extremely customizable options. You get all the benefits that you are asking for.

  • You will get very interactive and knowledgeable guides who are pretty entertaining too. You will also get guides who speak English.
  • You get a detailed map of the city so that you can explore the place on your own.
  • You can customize the package as per your stay details.

If you want the best Barcelona experience, book the private tours of Barcelona today.

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