Discover 3 Creative Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Write More Often

While some children find it very easy and natural to write creative essays, others often find it challenging to master this skill of creative writing. If your kids are struggling to write their essays or term papers for English class, then there is no doubt that you as a parent would want to find the best ways in which you can assist your child to achieve their full potential. Here are some creative ways in which you can encourage your little ones to write more often and thereby improve their writing skills: 

  1. Introduce them to writing competitions 

There are many writing competitions for children which offer amazing prizes for the top entries. By introducing your kids to these free writing contests, you will be providing a tangible incentive which will be very appealing to their young minds. When your kids sign up for writing competitions, they will have a chance to showcase their creativity and get useful feedback. Over time, their skills will improve and they might even be able to win some of the free writing contests that they participate in. 

  1. Appreciate and praise their work

Perhaps one of the reasons why your kids don’t enjoy writing is because no one actually appreciates their work. In order to overcome this problem, you should make a conscious and deliberate effort to appreciate your children’s work and praise them for a job well done. Even if you have some constructive criticism to offer, it is always better to begin by stating the positive qualities of their writing projects and thereafter state what needs to be improved upon. 

  1. Write together

It is no secret that children often imitate what they see their parents doing. So, instead of constantly telling your children to sit quietly in their room and write an essay or two, why not join them in this endeavour? Perhaps you might be thinking “But I’m not really that good at writing”. The reality is that this should not be a stumbling block which prevents you from writing with your kids since often times, they are not interested in your skill level but rather they would just want to see that you are making an effort to perform this activity alongside them.

One of the best benefits of writing together with your kids is that you will be able to help them out with any minor queries that they may have such as spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. 

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