Disability Insurance Denied -What Are My Options?

If your disability claim has been denied or you have stopped receiving benefits, you might be worried about what steps you must take ahead to secure yourself financially. You can consider hiring an attorney at Albrecht Law that will help you understand all the legal aspects related to your disability insurance.

When can your claim be denied?

Your insurance company can deny your claim for the following reasons:

  • You missed the deadlines for filing the forms.
  • There are errors in your application.
  • You failed to prove your medical condition, and the reasons given do not have proper evidence.
  • The insurance company received evidence that showed you do not fit for the claim.
  • Your insurer found out that your disability does not prove that you cannot work.
  • The insurance company states that you refused to undergo a medical treatment suggested by them.
  • The insurance company states you are not getting the required treatment for your disability.

What you can do if your claim has been denied: 

You can consider the following option with the help of a disability lawyer. 

File a case against the insurance company:

In cases where your claim is denied for serious reasons, you can file a lawsuit against the insurance company. You can either sue the insurance company, broker, or your employer. Your disability lawyer can help you decide whom you must sue. Additionally, you can sue the insurance company if they acted unfairly when they denied your claim.

Appeal the decision:

One of the best options used by various people is to appeal the decision using the insurance company’s internal appeal process. However, it will only work in your favor if your claim gets denied for the following reasons:

  • You did not provide enough medical evidence, or the information given by you was unclear.
  • You did not complete the medical treatment that you were told to.
  • You did not give them truthful information about your health.
  • You did not consult doctors that your insurance company approved.

If you appeal, the insurance company can consider revising your claim, and there are chances it gets approved. However, you must do this as early as possible as the insurance company sets time limits. In case of any delay, the appeal process will not work for you in any manner.

Try and negotiate:

Various negotiation settlements are available for both parties to settle the claim without any disputes. Your disability attorney will help you in the entire negotiation process, and in this way, the whole method of your claim can be settled without any court case. 

If your claim has been denied due to any of the reasons mentioned above, contact your attorney and take immediate steps so that you get all the benefits that you deserve.

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