Debunking the Most Common Daycare Myths That Exist Today

For many parents, sending their child to daycare is a sensitive subject. The decision to put your child in the care of a stranger so you can work is hard.

You don’t know if the daycare worker will pay attention to your child enough. Or worst, your child may never want to go back after the first day!

Of course, with every touchy subject, there’s bound to be some myths to it. So continue below as we debunked four common daycare myths.

1 Children Need to Be at Home During the Early Days

Most parents prefer that their children stay home with them and not attend daycare. Daycare enrollment for kids during their early years does have its benefits. Here are some of these benefits:

  • They develop social skills
  • Adjust to school better in the future
  • Regular schedules
  • Your child immune system is stronger
  • They’ll develop strong problem-solving skills

Also, it is just lovely for a parent to get a break from their children at times. Your child will be perfectly fine within the care of the daycare workers.

2 Licensed Daycares Provide the Best Services

Most parents consider daycare licenses to be reliable indicators of quality. But parents should not assume a license means it’s the best option.

Daycares only need a few requirements to earn their licenses. For instance, it can be based on the child-to-staff ratio. Pay attention to accreditations to be sure the daycare is high-quality care.

If you want to ensure a child care program provides high-quality care, look for other accreditations such as NAEYC (the National Association for the Education of Young Children).

3 Daycare Centers Teach Children Nothing

Parents are often reluctant to send their young children to daycare because they think workers won’t interact. In reality, daycare workers are constantly teaching and playing with your child every day. Also, many of them create lesson plans for the kids to learn.

There is a purpose to the work they do! An excellent start to your child’s education can be achieved with their help.

4 The Cost of Daycare Is Too High

Yes, there are times where the childcare industry is often too expensive. Although, there are ways to handle the cost of daycare, and here are some ways below.

  • Use a flexible spending account
  • Consider church-based options
  • See if you qualify for government assistance
  • Find in-come based daycares

There are resources in place to help parents pay for daycare. Be sure to look into your community for local resources. For example, Child Care Aware offers help for parents in Missouri. For parents with low incomes, they can help find income-based daycares.

Let’s Stop Believing These Daycare Myths

Every parent wants to make the best decision for their child. By us debunking these five daycare myths, you can! So when you’re searching for a daycare for your child, be sure to keep these truths in mind.

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