Cotton or Synthetic: How to Choose the Best for Workout Shirts?

If you have decided to train to tone your figure or lose weight to maintain a healthy life, it is good that you consider the right fitness shirt to exercise. There are many models, fabrics and colors, but if you still don’t know which type to choose or which is the one that suits the sport you are going to practice,  we have decided to help you choose the one that best suits your style and physical activity you will practice.

Ideal shirts for every sport

The first thing you should take into account before choosing your fitness shirt is the  type of exercise you will practice, because running is not the same as riding a bicycle. Once you decide the sport or activity you are going to do, ask yourself a question: Which one should I use? If you are going to practice aerobics you should choose one that is not so loose but at the same time that is not adjusted to the body. In this case, using synthetic is better. If you want to do yoga, you should use ones that are a bit loose, so that they allow you to move freely. In this case, using cotton workout shirt is best.

The type of fiber in sports shirts

There are sports activities that make you sweat more than others, so you must be careful with the type of fabric you choose. Cotton fitness workout shirts for men or women absorb sweat, so it could reduce your performance and comfort. Cotton becomes heavy when they get wet, although the ones made of this material are of excellent quality.

Polyester ones are the best option for these cases, because due to their type of fabric they allow you to perspire and by absorbing sweat it does not feel heavy. They are ideal for practicing high performance sports such as running and cycling. Synthetic fiber has a combination of nylon and polyester, which makes it an excellent material for any physical activity or sport, including high-performance.

Take the weather into account

The most viable option in winter is to wear cotton workout shirts, although they can get heavy with sweat. However, if you think it is uncomfortable to feel wet while practicing your sport, you can use custom towels to dry your sweat or put on your synthetic workout shirts. Another point that you should take into account about the appropriate shirts for exercising is if you are allergic to the materials.

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