Cookies for Santa Plate

House decoration, designing decorations for the tree, opening presents, setting out Santa cookies, and gathering with family are some activities kids love to do with wonder and excitement. As we approach the close of the year, different families invest a significant amount of time with their children creating memories. These memories are treasured by kids for a long time, and they can pass these traditions from one generation to the next. Rather than using the usual kitchen plate for the festive season, take time to craft unique plates. The unique plates can be a special tool of starting a new family tradition, bring family members together and spark conversation. It’s high time you personalize your kid’s “cookies for Santa plates.” They can go out for Santa on the Eve Christmas and feel happy when they return and find out there are no cookies.

The Christmas magic is incredible to see through your kid’s eyes. The keepsakes and traditions you instill in them can have a lifetime impact. There is a certain way to paint your plates. You can view it as a coloring book, which can assist in serving food. However, there are numerous ways, which may inspire your creativity:

  1. You can easily place the artist names on the plate (On top of the plate).
  2. Use fingers and thumbs as a sign or paintbrushes the plate you select utilizing the thumbprint.
  3. Prepare a color mixture on a separate plastic plate to come up with different unique colors.
  4. It is also special to sign the name of the family at the back and indicate its date.
  5. Additionally, you can indicate “cookies for Santa” at the bottom or along the sides.

Supplies for Santa Plate Cookies:

  • Paper towel/Rubbing alcohol.
  • Scraper & weeding hook.
  • Transfer tape.
  • White plate.
  • Vinyl (Amazon/Circuit/Expressions Vinyl).
  • Maker or Cricut explore (Cricut/Amazon).

Instructions to make Cookies for Santa Plate

You can cut Vinyl by the use of Cricut Maker. Another thing is that you can weed the excess Vinyl using Weeding Hook, leaving the design you want. Transfer tape is also an important tool to effectively place the Vinyl to the plate from the Paper Baking. There is a useful tip that can help you center your designs. The idea is to utilize a dry marker to erase the edges and areas that the edge of the plate begins to bend up. When you forget to wipe the dry marker for erasing, it will only build up along the vinyl margin.

Is Vinyl Craft Food Safe? 

If you are not comfortable with it, utilize a plain plate, reflect the design you prefer and put it at the back of your plate.

Can Santa Plate go to Dishwasher?

I can assure you that most things can go through the dishwasher. It depends on the kind of Vinyl you choose and the power of the dishwasher that you use.

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