Clever Ideas for Small Space Organising and Storage

All homes deserve to feel comfortable, relaxing and organised, big or small! These small space organisation and storage hacks are going to transform your space, whatever the size. Try some of these nifty pointers out to switch up your home and simplify your daily routines…

Rethink Your Floor Plan

First things first, the floor plan. Now, this is going to largely depend on whether you already have a furnished home or you’re working with a blank space and you’re starting from scratch. Well thought out floor plans can be the difference between perfect, comfortable feeling rooms and messy, stressful, cramped feeling spaces. Sketch out your plan or use an organising app to see which formations give you the most breathing room. Stay mindful of walkways, keeping doors and windows unobstructed and the room’s centrepieces to put together the very best formation possible. Remember, although your furniture might already be placed, there’s nothing wrong with a mix up every now and then.

Look Upwards for Extra Storage Opportunities

If you’ve reworked that floor plan and you’ve optimised every area to look as roomy as possible but you’re still wanting for storage opportunities, then it’s time you averted your gaze upwards. Your walls have so much potential for storage, organisation and design it’s crazy that we don’t all focus more on them as a feature. Install floating shelves or invest in a slim built bookshelf, display cabinet or tallboy for mixed storage that can be displayed or concealed as needs be. You can also add plenty of art, photography or colour to your walls to work with your design tastes and preferences. Hang gallery features, frame mementos or use your walls as an opportunity to introduce some colour to minimalist colour schemes, whatever takes your fancy!

Decorate Demurely

Maximalists should keep mindfulness at the forefront of their design direction to avoid going overboard and cramping limited space. It would be great if simple tricks could make organising small spaces just the same as decorating larger homes, but unfortunately that’s just not feasible. So, in order to still get as much personality and life out of your room without overpowering the limited square footage, you merely have to embellish with a certain degree of restraint. This means choosing three throw pillows instead of ten, using a one large rug instead of layering multiple and perhaps opting for a simple colour palette with one or two accent colours instead of five.

Make it Multi-Functional

Multi functional furniture is life changing in all spaces, but especially in the smaller ones! The beauty of pieces that are able to perform more than just one function is that give you twice the use out of half the space – making them absolutely perfect for compact homes. Consider using your blanket box as a coffee table, a display cabinet as storage and display opportunities and a chest as a TV unit. These additions will ensure that your home is clean, clear, well organised and beautifully designed all at once!

Mirror Images

Finally, add a statement mirror in every room that you can! This is going to open up the room and trick the eye into thinking that it is twice as big. You can find a mirror with ornate framing, art features or even storage to double it up as a statement wall feature.

Follow these tips to put together a gorgeous home that works for you and your family’s lifestyle, no matter much space you have to work with! Get organising now to transform your day to day.

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