Chrysanthemums – Fascinating Facts About the Gorgeous Flower

Chrysanthemums are beautiful and colourful flowers that are chosen for many occasions. The flower derived its name from the Greek prefix “Chrys” (meaning golden, the original colour) and “anthemion” (meaning flower). Chrysanthemums symbolise joy and optimism, hence making it one of the great choices to celebrate victory or any other joyous occasion. They are also one of the most demanded flowers at flower shops in London Ontario. Here are some fascinating facts you need to know:


During 15th century BC, China widely cultivated the plant, mainly for the purpose of using it as an herb, and for eating its leaves. After centuries, this plant migrated to Japan. Chrysanthemums thrived in the temperate climate of Asia. In the 18th century, the flower was brought to Europe. Fast forward to today, it has become a favourite flower for gifting and is one of the most popular flowers supplied by florists in London Ontario to their customers.


  • Chrysanthemums come in many colours including yellow, red, white, and purple. They are also available in pink, lavender, and even multicoloured.
  • There are different species of Chrysanthemums, and the size of them varies. While the flower has about 0.4 to 10 inches in diameter, the plant’s stem grows up to 6 inches in height.
  • A plant will have either one Chrysanthemum flower, or 3 to 7 flowers per stem.
  • The flower of Chrysanthemum also has great health benefits. They are used in the preparation of tea that helps relieve sore throat, headache, fever, dry and itchy eyes, and better digestion. However, plants grown for florists are not suitable for ingestion.
  • The Chrysanthemum flower has several individual flowers known as florets. The floret present in the centre is called the disk floret, surrounded by others called ray florets.
  • There are 13 categories of this flower and each category has a unique arrangement of ray and disk florets. Some popular types include cushion, daisy, spider, and button.
  • Chrysanthemum plants contribute to the reduction of harmful toxins in indoor air , according to research conducted by NASA.
  • Most Chrysanthemum plants bloom between the months of August and November.

Annual and Perennial Chrysanthemums:

Both annual and perennial Chrysanthemums are equally beautiful. Annual plants are the ones normally sold by florists – they are grown in seasonal colours for weeks of beauty, but do not usually re-flower. Perennial plants flourish in the garden, and make great accents of colour in the autumn. According to florists in London Ontario, there are always new varieties of Chrysanthemum coming to market, whether as a plant or a cut flower. The colour and size selection is always improving

Chrysanthemum is one of the best flower choices for birthdays. A bouquet of colourful Chrysanthemums will make anyone’s birthday extra special. Order one from a service providing flower delivery in London Ontario today!

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