Can Delta 9 THC Help With Headache?

Consume Delta 9 THC During Headache

Headache disorders are widespread, severe, and disabling; moreover, for many sufferers, treatment is insufficient. Many famous physicians praised cannabis’ usage in treating headache conditions before it was rendered illegal. Cannabis was typically taken orally two to three times per day for weeks or even months for preventive treatment. In contrast, cannabis was given at larger oral doses or smoked for abortive treatment. If cannabis like Delta 9 THC by TRE House is to be reassessed as a headache medication, taking this historical perspective into account could increase therapeutic efficacy and inform future studies.

Types Of Headaches

A headache affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. A headache is the most common sort of pain. Tense muscles cause them in the shoulders, neck, scalp, and jaw. Anxiety, depression, and stress are usually associated with them. Tension headaches are more likely if you work too much, don’t get enough sleep, skip meals, or drink too much alcohol.

Migraines, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches are prevalent types of headaches. Making lifestyle adjustments, adopting relaxation techniques, and taking pain medicines can help most individuals feel significantly better.

Benefits Of Delta 9 THC

Delta 9 THC is classified as a psychoactive chemical because of several effects and its medical purposes. Many people have stated that it can improve sleep quality, reduce racing thoughts, treat body aches, and provide wellness benefits such as enhanced appetite, less physical discomfort, improved mood, and greater creativity and motivation. You can also use Delta 9 for its potential medical benefits, such as lowering anxiety and PTSD symptoms and assisting those with glaucoma, seizures, low appetite, and other ailments.

What Studies Say

Anti-Migraine Effect Of Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol In The Female

According to preclinical investigations, THC is efficient in lowering pain induced by acute painful stimuli, chronic inflammation, lactic acid, and neuropathy. THC also reduces the amplitude, duration, and propagation velocity of cortical spreading depression, a crucial component of migraine pathogenesis. It is the first preclinical study to indicate that THC lowers migraine-like discomfort in an awake animal despite prior reports of various effects. According to our findings, THC appears to alleviate migraine discomfort when given at the proper amount (0.32 mg/kg) and at the right time.

Cannabinoids may be an incredibly effective migraine treatment for women, given the high occurrence of migraine in women. It’s been proposed that fluctuations in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle may be to blame for women’s more excellent migraine rates.

Finally, they showed that THC could reduce migraine-like suffering when administered at the appropriate dose and at the right time. A key result is that, while higher doses of THC may alleviate migraine-like discomfort, disruptive side effects prevent regular activity from returning. They also discovered that THC’s anti-migraine properties are mediated through the CB1 receptor. The current research lays a solid platform for the behavioral investigation of cannabinoids like THC as a migraine treatment in humans.

THC for migraines has considerable benefits for many individuals, but not all. While it requires some more work, there are studies that can help us understand whether cannabis and THC can be used to cure or prevent migraines. Remember that everyone’s body is unique, and everyone reacts to THC differently.

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  • Fewer Migraine Attacks: A study investigated the effects of various types and quantities of high-THC cannabis products. Patients reported an average of six fewer migraines each month, even though the effects varied. The study concluded that more research is needed to fully understand cannabis and migraine management.
  • THC Has the Potential to Relieve and Prevent Pain: A clinical trial indicated that a 200 mg oral dose of THC and CBD was just as effective as a 25 mg dose of amitriptyline, a prescription migraine treatment at avoiding migraines. According to the study, the identical CBD and THC combination lowered migraine pain intensity by nearly 44% when given as an acute treatment.
  • Concentrates Could Be More Beneficial: According to a 2019 study, smoking cannabis reduced headache and migraine symptoms by 50%. THC concentrations were substantially more effective than in cannabis flower, and men were more receptive than women.

Side Effects

Because of its higher potency, Delta 9 has more potent effects. If not used properly, it might induce adverse effects such as mental fog, motor skills impairment, extreme anxiety, and even paranoia. Some people may have hallucinations as well.

How To Buy The Right Delta 9 THC Product

Delta 9 products are famous due to their potency and exceptional results. As a result, users have a plethora of options from which to pick. Finding the correct product among many options is difficult, so there are a few essential pointers to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash.

The first thing to evaluate is the product’s contents, which should be all-natural and free of artificial additives and preservatives, known to be damaging to one’s health when used for an extended period. Another factor to consider is potency, as a product’s strength determines its effects. When it comes to potency, many brands provide a wide range of options, so only look for appropriate products for your body’s tolerance. The pricing should be reasonable but not excessively low, as this may indicate poor quality, and the brand should offer exclusive deals and user-friendly policies to all clients. 

If you need Delta 9 THC for a specific application, you’ll need to seek extra components and potencies. Beginners should begin cautiously, with a lower strength, and gradually increase according to their needs, preferences, or instructions. Their bodies become accustomed to the goods they are using.


There is still much ongoing research when it comes to Delta THC. Delta-9 THC is famous for many benefits but is known for its therapeutic benefits, and people mainly use it for chronic pain. It is essential to know that there is no definite answer to whether THC can be used for headaches. Before using any THC product, consult a doctor. If you face any severe harmful effects, discontinue the use of that product and talk to a doctor.

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