Buy The Perfect Boxing Gloves

Are you looking for boxing gloves? This is very good because boxing gloves are an absolute must in the ring, which you should not do without. Because before you can measure yourself against others, you must pay attention to your own safety. What to look out for when buying these and other important information can be found on our website.

Why Is Buying Boxing Gloves Important?

In boxing, regardless of whether you are competing or just want to hit the punching bag a few times, gloves are a must. The reason is that you are hitting a hard surface with your fist. Certainly, the material of the sandbag or the skin of the opponent bounces a little, but after a few blows or a hit on a bone it not only leads to swellings or bruises, but even breaks the hand can be the result. For this reason, it is essential that you buy boxing gloves for men. The extensive padding and the high-quality material ensure that you achieve good handling, but your hands are still protected against pain and injuries.

The Different Types

There are already many different boxing gloves available on the market today, so you should know beforehand which model is the right choice for your needs. This is the only way to obtain gloves that adapt perfectly to the respective sport and still protect you.

Competition gloves: These are only necessary if you want to go into professional fights. They are made of real leather and are tied around the wrist. To use these, they must be certified by the respective association.

Sandbag gloves: Buying these boxing gloves makes sense if you mostly hit the sandbag and train on it. These gloves are ideal for hardening tendons, muscles, and bones, although high quality is a must.

Sparring gloves: To train with a partner, you need sparring gloves. These protect the hand with an additional thumb fixation so that a good duel can take place. Although these can also be used on the sandbag, this is not recommended.

Buy the right size boxing gloves

Size plays one of the most important roles in future boxing gloves, because gloves that are too small lead to uncomfortable cramping of your fingers, which in turn can cause injuries. Gloves that are too big are not a good solution either, because your hands do not have a secure hold, which is why the boxing gloves slip. Most sizes are S, M and XL. This is useful if you have worn gloves before and therefore know what approximate hand size you have. You can also use a measuring tape to calculate the circumference at the level of the knuckles. The average figures of 17 to 22 centimetres for women and 18 to 24 centimetres for men are practical.

A comfortable weight

In addition to size, weight also plays a decisive role. The weight of the boxing gloves is given in ounces. One ounce is about 28 grams. The weight is primarily influenced by the upholstery. If a boxing glove has more weight, there is usually more padding. There are models to buy between 6 and 18 ounces, whereby the weight in the end depends on your use. For example, sandbag gloves are only light in weight, with sparring gloves again offering more because they require additional protection.

  • Children: 4-6 ounces are perfect for these
  • beginners and women: Ideally, 8 to 12 ounces are
  • competition gloves: These usually weigh 10 ounces.
  • Sparring units: 12 ounces are used here

Buy Boxing Gloves: A Good Material

Finally, you must deal with the perfect material because this influences your shot and the handling with the glove. You can buy two types of boxing gloves in stores: real leather or synthetic leather. The rule here is that no one material is better than the other, because both have their raison deter and advantages. Synthetic leather gloves often do not cost much and are therefore perfect for everyone who wants to try boxing but are not yet sure whether it will continue to be practiced. However, synthetic leather gloves also have some disadvantages. The breathability is rather low which is why you sweat quickly in gloves. If you still want these gloves, you should make sure that you have a ventilation system. The lifespan is also rather short compared to real leather gloves, as they break open more quickly. A better variant are gloves made of real leather, which are also used by professionals. Leather is very robust, breathable, and durable. In this respect, you are making a purchase for several years if you decide on a real leather glove. On the other hand, the costs of these models are much higher, but thanks to the positive properties, the price-performance ratio is convincing.

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